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A Guide to Setting Up Utilities in Newport News, VA

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Newport News Utilities

Planning move to lovely Newport News, Virginia? The area you've chosen to call home is steeped in history, rich in natural beauty, and full of things to do. Before you can settle in and enjoy your new hometown, you'll need to take care of the basics, like setting up utilities for your new home. Here's a guide to make your transition go more smoothly:

Electricity – Dominion Virginia Power

Since 1909, Dominion Virginia Power (previously Virginia Railway and Power Company) has supplied electricity to homes and businesses across Virginia. Today, as the leading electric service provider in Virginia, Dominion Virginia Power delivers power to more than 2.5 million customers in North Carolina and Virginia via 63,600 miles of electrical lines.To start or transfer your service with Dominion Virginia Power, call 866-366-4357, or click here to manage your service. Don’t forget to switch off electricity at your current residence on the day after your move, and be sure electric service at your new home is turned on in advance of moving day.

Water - Newport News Waterworks

Newport News Waterworks supplies water to more than 400,000 people in the Hampton Roads area. If your new home connects to the public water system, you can activate service by calling the Waterworks Department at 757-926-1000.If your new property relies on a private well, be sure to have the water tested before moving in. Ask the current residents or the home inspector whether the water is potable, or if you'll need to purchase drinking water while living there.

Gas Service – Virginia Natural Gas

Since 1850, Virginia Natural Gas has provided reliable gas service to residential and commercial customers across the state. Now a part of the Southern Company Gas family, Virginia Natural Gas provides service to almost 300,000 customers in the Old Dominion state, including many households in Newport News.To start or transfer your gas service, complete a service request form here or call 866-229-3578 to speak with a representative. If your new home is already equipped with a natural gas meter, all you will need to do is create a new account. Virginia Natural Gas can also assist with converting your home to natural gas or adding a new appliance to an existing gas line. Compared to other utilities, gas service can take additional time to set up and activate. So, be sure that you contact Virginia Natural Gas well in advance of your move. You'll want everything set up and ready to roll by the time the colder weather rolls around.

Trash Pickup and Recycling – City of Newport News

Solid waste pick-up is a category that is often overlooked by new homeowners and renters, especially if you've always relied on the local transfer station to dispose of your household trash. The City of Newport News offers weekly household trash and recycling pick-up, as well as biweekly bulk and brush debris collection services. To see the pick-up days for your street, check out the city’s pick-up schedule. Newport News includes a solid waste fee with your monthly water bill based on the number and type of garbage containers assigned to your address. To contact the Solid Waste Department, call 757-933-2311.

Cable and Internet Providers

For cable and internet service, there are several options available, depending on your needs. For cable, internet, or landline phone service, try Cox Communications (757-222-1111). Cox offers a 30-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee and bundled service packages to make managing your services easier.Another option is FIOS by Verizon (855-836-6071). FIOS offers some great package deals, so you won't have the hassle of juggling several monthly bills.Finally, for a satellite-dish option, DirecTV (866-229-3578) offers service in Newport News as well. Their monthly payment plan is affordable, but be aware that satellite dishes are prone to malfunctions during inclement weather.

Additional Information

If you need additional information, or you'd just like a virtual tour of your future stomping grounds, visit the Newport News official webpage. Being well-prepared for the big move will ensure a stress-free — and perhaps even enjoyable — transition. Again, don't forget to cancel your current utility services before leaving your old home; you don't want to be stuck with double payments.To schedule Newport News moving services, call us today. Apple Moving offers local and long distance moving to and from the Hampton Roads area. Request a free moving estimate here

City of Austin Utilities – 4 Steps to Set-Up Services

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Austin Utilities

1. Make sure you turn off your old utilities:

Before you move to Austin, make sure you schedule the turnoff of your current utilities. Generally, it takes providers a couple of days to turn off services, so you’ll want to schedule this at least a week or two in advance so you don’t continue paying post-move. Make sure you provide a forwarding address (and while you’re at it, forward your mail) for the return of any deposits. Remember to keep the utilities on long enough to finish your final cleaning. Nothing worse than trying to vacuum with no power.

2. Consider your options for utilities at your new residence:

If you are moving to or within Austin proper, you only have 1 option for water, electricity, and gas service providers. However, if you are in the outlying areas you may have multiple options. Here’s a run-down on utilities in Austin:

City Of Austin Utilities - Electricity

Though most of Texas is now deregulated when it comes to electric service, the greater Austin area is one of the few markets that remains regulated. This means that Austin Energy, one of the largest public utilities in the U.S., is the sole electric provider in most Austin zip codes for the time being. In March 2015, the Texas Senate introduced Bill 1945, that would allow the Public Utility Commission to challenge the rates set by regulated utilities if deemed unfair when compared with other deregulated markets. While this would have the effect of deregulating the Austin market, the Bill has not yet passed in the Senate, and would have to make it through the approval of the House and governor before going into effect. So it could be awhile, if ever, before Austin is deregulated. If you are moving outside of the greater Austin area, you may have more options when it comes to choosing your electric provider. You can easily search your zip code on Power to Choose (, a website provided by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, to see what your options are when it comes to selecting an electric service provider.

Austin Water

The Austin Water Utility, run by the City of Austin, is the sole provider of water and sewage services to the Austin area. Be aware that the Austin area is frequently in drought, and therefore under water usage restrictions, so make sure that you know the rules before watering your yard or washing your car as penalties may be enforced.

Austin Gas

Texas Gas Service is the sole provider of natural gas services in Austin.

3. Set-up your new service

Schedule the turn-on of your utilities in advance of moving. It may take technicians a few days to start utilities, especially during the peak summer moving season.Request Austin water and electric service through the City of Austin Utilities portal: natural gas service here:

4. Look for ways to save

Energy and water bills tend to skyrocket along with the heat during our stifling Texas summers. However, Austin Energy provides ways for energy efficient customers to earn rebates and save on their bills.
  • Energy Star Rebate program: A registered contractor helps identify home energy improvements, such as increased insulation, reducing the size of the air conditioner, installing a remote thermostat and updating window and door seals. If you make all the recommendations suggested, you receive a rebate to cover 20% of the cost of the work performed. In the long run, these improvements could drastically reduce the cost of future energy bills.
  • In addition to the rebate provided for home improvements, Austin Energy also offers substantial rebates on the purchase of several Energy Star appliances including:
    • HVAC systems
    • Water heaters
    • Refrigerator recycling
    • Solar PV systems
    • Pool pumps
    • Thermostats
  • You may want to consider installing a wifi thermostat that enables you to control the temperature of your home even when you’re away. No more leaving the air on all day so you come home to a cooled house - crank up the thermostat when you leave for work and turn it back down an hour or two before coming home.
  • Consider other methods of conserving energy. Here are just a few:
    • Use blinds and curtains to keep out the beating Texas sun
    • Turn up the thermostat and use ceiling fans - fans can make you feel a few degrees cooler but don’t use much electricity
    • Set your fans to turn clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer. The clockwise motion moderates the room’s temperature in winter months by displacing the warm air that normally rises to the top of the room. Turning the fan counterclockwise creates the effect of a breeze that will help cool you off.
    • Change air filters monthly
    • Grill out instead of cooking inside during the summer
    • Unplug chargers when not in use as these often continue to consume energy