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7 Moving Tips for Relocating to an Apartment in Austin TX

Home to more than 2 million people, Austin is one of the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas. Of course, there’s a good reason for this trend. Austin has a thriving economy, low cost of living, and plenty of entertainment. It was even ranked as the second-safest city in the United States by the FBI. If you’re planning to move to an apartment in Austin, consider the following tips for a stress-free and seamless relocation.

1. Check the Apartment’s Moving Rules

Before setting a specific moving date, check with the apartment’s front office to inquire about any moving rules. For instance, some buildings may mandate tenants to finish moving within two or three hours, or they may require tenants to use a secondary elevator.

2. Read the Lease Agreement

You should also read the lease agreement for your new apartment, paying close attention to clauses for decorating, painting, and renovations. The landlord may allow you to hang small photos and other decorative accessories on the wall, but you might get hit with a fine for painting. The only way you’ll know what’s allowed and what’s not is by reading the lease agreement. Now’s also the time to figure out turning on or transferring your Austin utilities.

3. Rent a Hand Truck

If there’s one tool you don’t want to forget on your moving day, it’s a hand truck. Also known a dolly, it’s an invaluable tool for moving boxes, appliances, and furniture. If you don’t own a hand truck, contact your moving company to see if they offer rentals.

4. Label Boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes before moving; otherwise, they’ll probably end up in the wrong rooms. A simple solution is to color coordinate your boxes according to the room. You can place a red sticker on boxes for the living room, for example, and a blue label on boxes for the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy offers some helpful tips on how to label moving boxes. In addition to color coordinating, it also recommends labeling boxes according to priority, such as low, medium or high priority. This trick helps you know what to unpack first.

5. Save Hardware

When you’re busy disassembling furniture and taking down wall decorations, you may forget to take the hardware. Without the nuts and bolts, however, you won’t be able to put these items back together. So, after dissembling a piece, place the hardware in a sealed bag and attach the furniture so it won’t get lost.

6. Take Pictures

It’s a good idea to take photos of your new apartment immediately before moving in. If the landlord claims you caused damage, a picture can show your innocence. Just remember to store these photos in a safe location.

7. Get Measurements

Finally, get measurements of your new apartment before moving. If a dresser or other piece of furniture is too wide to fit through the door, you may have to take the door off its hinges. It’s also a good idea to plan out where everything will go before the move. Check out our blog post on the best room design apps to help you with furniture placement and floorplans.

Moving doesn’t have to cause severe stress and anxiety. Following these tips will help you move into your new Austin apartment without pulling your hair out. For more hands-on help, call our Austin TX apartment movers. Our team is ready to assist with your relocation and make your apartment move easy!

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