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7 Reasons To Not Have Your Friends Help With A Local Move

We’ve all done it. We’ve called our buddy with the truck, or other friends, and offered pizza and beer in exchange for help with a “quick” local move. Chances are, it went okay for the most part. But you likely experienced at least a few moments that made you rethink just how good of a “deal” it was to skip professional movers and “save” money by having friends help out. You might have even blocked out that moment at the end of the last move where you said, “I’ll never do this again. Next time I’m hiring pros.” So, let us take a moment and reflect on these seven reasons to NOT have your friends help with a local move.

Your Friends Are Not As Available As They, Or You, Think They Are

Over the years, you’ve probably acquired more than a few boxes of stuff. And you upgraded from that awesome post-college futon to a real couch that you actually want to take with you. And, your friends have grown along with you. They’re not quite as available as they once were. Things come up. Kids have last minute events, older parents require assistance, or work carries over into their weekend. And let’s face it, while some of their reasons might be legit, you know in your heart-of-hearts that some of them are not. Because you, too, have inwardly groaned when a friend asked you to help with a “quick” local move.

The Time Crunch

If you didn’t have a friend with a truck (or one willing to help with your move), you probably had to rent a truck by the hour. Not a big deal if you’re moving within the same city, but if you’re going from Winters, Texas to Austin, Texas, or even just from Austin to Killeen—that’s a decent chunk of time in your day just to get from point A to point B. If your friends don’t show up on time, or spend too much time checking their phones and savoring your pizza, you could miss the deadline to return your truck. Extra fees could run you as much as simply hiring movers to do the job for you, time guaranteed. 

You Don’t Want To Break Your Friends

Let’s face it, your friends are not as young and strong and…spry as they once were. And you have a lot more stuff these days. A moving day injury could ruin the day and even strain the friendship. Professional movers are covered by workman’s comp in the event of an injury—your friends are not.

You Don’t Want Your Friends To Break Your Stuff

Professional movers should be insured. So, if something happens to your belongings, your insurance will help cover the cost to replace or repair them. Your friend might not be able to cover the cost and it could put a damper on the friendship if your friend broke an expensive, or sentimental, item.

Your New Home Is Nice, And You Want To Keep It That Way!

Professional movers know how to move! They know how to maneuver your belongings through narrow hallways and around tight corners without damaging your lovely new home. Your friends are not so dexterous. There is a bigger risk to your new home if you borrow friends to move versus hiring the pros.

Your Friends Might Ask You To Help Them Move

When your friend asks you to help them move you can’t say no. You owe them one. So, all of these DIY moving stresses come back on you: breaking your friend’s belongings, time commitments, injury, etc. 

You Want To Be A Good Influence On Your Friends

With all of this in mind, consider taking the opportunity to be a good influence on your friends and show them how to make the effortless transition to hiring professional movers. You get a successful, on-time move, with the safety and security of knowing that you and your friends will not get hurt, and your belongings and home will be covered by insurance during the process. And, you don’t owe anybody a moving favor.

So, to ease the stress of moving, hire Apple Moving to move you to or from anywhere in the US! Who knows, maybe your friends will offer you pizza and beer as thanks for not asking them to help you move.