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FRAGILE! Tips For Packing Your Most Precious Items

When it comes to packing, let’s be honest; 60% of your stuff is going to be fine in a box; 30% maybe needs a little packing paper. But what about that last 10%? Those heirloom pieces, or the delicate crystal glasses from your wedding? Here are some tips to packing and safeguarding your most delicate items.

Moving Box Padding

Pad the top and the bottom. Always start your boxes of fragile items with padding on the bottom of the box. The box will get picked up and put down many times, and you want to have plenty of padding to absorb the shock. But don’t forget the top! Since boxes generally get stacked, you also need protection at the top. Save space at the top to fill with more packing and padding to avoid damage to the pieces at the top.


Pack plates with….. well….. plates. Instead of putting paper in between plates, buy a package of cheap styrofoam plates. Use these between each plate and then wrap the whole thing with packing paper. The styrofoam plates are a much tougher barrier than packing paper and are more cost effective.

styrofoam-sheets bubble-wrap

Mix it up. There is no “one size fits all” type of packing material. For your fragile glasses and irregularly shaped items, bubble wrap is great. For extra padding to fill in spaces in boxes, packing paper is a must. And for items that will stack, styrofoam sheets or plates will do the trick. Using the right material for each breakable item will go a long way in keeping everything intact.


Over-prepare. There is no such thing as too many packing materials. Spending less on packing material may save you money in the short term, but you’ll be spending that and more if your items are broken. Spend a little extra and get ample packing materials. Don’t worry, you will definitely find use for it.


Secure everything. We see a lot of people that think that securely closing a box is unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, the boxes will be packed into a van and stacked securely. But there is no telling what will happen on the ride, whether you are driving or a moving company. All it takes is one sharp turn for an unsecured box to fall over and spill and damage your items. Secure all boxes with tape on the top and the bottom. Yes, it’ll take a little extra time to cut everything open, but it will be worth it to have all of your items unbroken and ready for use.

What are your tricks for packing fragile items?

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