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Guide to Setting Up El Paso Utilities

If you’re moving into a new place in El Paso, TX, then setting up utilities should be one of the first things on your to-do list! Make sure you schedule the turn-on of your utilities well in advance of your move to ensure the water is running and the lights work when you go to move in. Here are some helpful tips for getting your basic El Paso utilities transferred or switched on:

El Paso Natural Gas Service

Many homes and apartments use natural gas for warmth, cooking, and heating water. If your new place has gas, you’ll need to set up service or transfer your existing service through Texas Gas Service. Headquartered in Austin, Texas Gas Service provides natural gas to over 644,000 customers across Texas, including El Paso and the surrounding areas. You can easily start, stop, and transfer service using the Texas Gas online portal or by calling 800-700-2443.

Welcome to El Paso! Make sure to get your utilities scheduled for turn-on prior to your move.

Welcome to El Paso! Make sure to get your utilities scheduled for turn-on prior to your move.

El Paso Water Utilities

 The city of El Paso, also known as Sun City, has a desert climate, which means it’s usually sunny and dry. Thankfully, El Paso Water Utilities provides residents with sustainable water services for their homes and businesses. To turn on new service, call 915-594-5500. If you have an existing account and would simply like to transfer services, you can do so by using the convenient WebConnect portal.

Environmental Services Department Garbage & Recycling Collection

To request garbage and recycling collection through El Paso’s Environmental Services Department, you’ll first need to establish an account with El Paso Water Utilities. Once your water utilities account has been opened, call 915-212-6000 to request new garbage collection service. The standard account comes with one 96-gallon garbage bin and one recycling bin, though additional bins may be requested. The monthly fee for garbage collection is $17 plus tax per bin, which will be added as a solid-waste fee on your water bill.

El Paso Electric

The El Paso Electric Company has provided electricity to the residents and businesses of El Paso since 1901 and remains the sole energy provider in the area. EPE has a 10,000-square mile service area, providing power to customers across the Rio Grande Valley in West Texas and parts of Southern New Mexico. To use the EPE self-service portal, you’ll need to have an existing El Paso Electric account. To set up new service, call the customer service line at 1-800-351-1621.

El Paso Electric has kept Sun City glowing for over 100 years.

El Paso Electric has kept Sun City glowing for over 100 years.

Cable/Internet/Phone Providers in El Paso

There are two primary providers of residential cable, internet, and landline phone services in El Paso:


AT&T offers both U-verse and DIRECTV cable services in El Paso, though the choice may be limited to DIRECTV depending on where you live. AT&T also delivers ultra-fast internet service to the city through its fiber-optic network. You can save money by bundling your cable, internet, phone, and even home security services through AT&T. Check availability of services at your new address here, or call 844-723-0252 to speak with support.

Time Warner Cable | Spectrum

Charter Communications recently acquired Time Warner Cable, and will soon be offering services to its Texas residents under the Spectrum brand name. For now, El Paso residents will still be able to receive all the same Time Warner TV, phone, and internet services they have always had. Select services individually or bundle all three to save. Shop for new services here or call customer service 855-892-1002.

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