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How Much Do Movers Cost in San Antonio, TX? Everything You Should Know

Most people want to know how much San Antonio movers cost before they set up the move. Why? When you learn about the average moving cost now, you can set up a budget and ensure that you stick to it. Likewise, you’ll better understand what you’ll pay and which San Antonio moving company is the right choice for you.

Knowing the average cost of hiring movers in San Antonio will also help you ensure that you’ve saved enough money to work with a professional. Plus, you’ll be mentally ready when you get cost estimates.

Let’s break things down for you and help you understand what it will cost to hire movers in San Antonio:

Average Cost of San Antonio Movers (Local)

If you’ve never used a professional moving company before, you’ll need to know that the prices differ between long-distance and local movers.

Local San Antonio movers will charge an hourly fee, but cross-country companies will charge a fixed rate. This is based on additional costs, weight, and the distance of the move.

Overall, the average cost of local movers will be $75 per mover per hour. Typically, San Antonio moving companies will charge the hourly rate when you have a radius of 50 miles or so. However, that also means the price isn’t fixed; if you have more items or a larger home, the workers will spend more time on your move.

Here is a breakdown of what a moving company might charge for a local move:

  • Studio Apartment – The average cost will be $450, will take three hours, and requires two movers.
  • One Bedroom – The average cost will be $600, will take four hours, and requires two movers.
  • Two Bedrooms – The average cost will be $1,125, will take six hours, and requires three movers.
  • Three Bedrooms – The average cost will be $2,400, will take seven hours, and requires four movers.
  • Four Bedrooms – The average cost will be $2,700, will take nine hours, and requires four movers.

Time is the most important factor in determining the total cost of the move. Typically, the more hours the move takes, the more money you’ll owe. Therefore, renting a moving truck for most of your things might be wise if it’s a local move and only hiring movers for the big stuff you know you can’t move yourself.

two movers lifting furniture inside mover van

You should know that Texas laws require moving companies in the state to be licensed by the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and the TxDMV. The license numbers should be displayed on the moving trucks, and it’s wise to ask for them when requesting a quote to be sure they have the right credentials.

Average Cost of Hiring Movers for Long-distance Moves

If you’re preparing to move out of state, it’s best to remember that a local moving company in San Antonio will charge you a flat fee. This is based on the distance to the new house, the size of your home, and any additional services you require, such as temporary storage, disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, unpacking, and packing.

San Antonio moving companies often offer options for a long-distance move. The prices could vary significantly based on your needs, but the distance to the new place is the most important factor.

To help you get an idea of what you’ll pay when using a professional moving company, here are the moving costs to consider:

  • 250 Miles – A one-bedroom place will cost $1,523 to $3,645; a two-bedroom will cost $1,930 to $5,070; a three-bedroom will be $2,312 to $5,400; a four-bedroom will be $2,570 to $6,060.
  • 500 Miles – A one-bedroom will be $1,980 to $3,880; a two-bedroom will be $2,550 to $5,220; a three-bedroom will be $3,923 to $6,423; a four-bedroom will be $4,557 to $8,080.
  • 1,000 Miles – A one-bedroom will be $2,880 to $5,900; a two-bedroom will be $3,120 to $6,925; a three-bedroom will be $4,300 to $7,350; a four-bedroom will be $5,050 to $8,200.
  • 2,000 Miles – A one-bedroom will be $2,872 to $5,980; a two-bedroom will be $4,170 to $7,331; a three-bedroom will be $5,621 to $8,950; a four-bedroom will be $7,725 to $12,600.

The above price ranges are simple estimates that will tell you how much the long-distance move might be. The only way to know how much long-distance moving companies will charge is to request free estimates.

You can use a moving cost calculator to help you estimate the price you’ll pay. Typically, you’ll find this on each San Antonio moving company website you visit. If not, there are online ones that can assist you.

two movers lifting box

How does the estimate work? When you call a moving service, you will set up a time for the movers to come to your home and provide a written estimate. They’ll inspect everything you wish to move, determine what problems might arise, and give you a price.

Expect to pay more if you’re on a higher floor without an elevator or are far from the truck to the home’s entrance.


Factors That Might Affect the Price of Local Moving Companies in San Antonio

The cost of hiring a moving company in San Antonio depends on various factors. When you know how the cost is determined, you can use some tips to pay less for the relocation or local move.

Here are the factors that will affect the price you pay in San Antonio:

Home Size

If you’re moving from a studio apartment, you probably have fewer things to take with you than those living in a four-bedroom home. To keep your moving costs low, you should sort through things, removing what you no longer want before packing.

Distance to the New Place

The distance to the new place is crucial when moving long distances. As you can probably imagine, it will cost more if you move across multiple states instead of just a few towns. Therefore, it’s important to consider how far away the new location is.

man holding cardboard box

Additional Services

Moving companies will charge extra for various services they perform throughout the move. Typically, full-service moving companies in San Antonio will offer packing and unpacking services, temporary storage, and disassembly/reassembly. You’re not required to use those services and can pick and choose the ones you need or want. Make sure you’re aware of that beforehand!

Shipment Weight

Interstate moving companies often weigh the trucks after loading them to find the total weight of the shipment. In most cases, this affects the price you pay.

Time of Year

Usually, professional moving companies located in San Antonio will charge more from May to September because it’s the peak moving season. They’re in higher demand for the services because of the time of year. If you can, choosing an off-peak moving day is better to help you save money.

Parking Fees and Tolls

You will be charged more by the San Antonio movers for any parking fees and tolls incurred during the move. For example, if you’re moving to Alamo City in San Antonio, expect to pay more because parking can be difficult.

Ways to Lower Costs When Hiring Movers in San Antonio

Using a professional moving service isn’t cheap. However, you can save money when moving to San Antonio. Here are a few tips to help you:

Do Your Own Packing

The best way to reduce the movers’ cost is by packing everything yourself instead of hiring professional packers. You’ll need plenty of time to purchase or ask for packing supplies before the day. Then, pack up your non-breakable things, such as books, shoes, and clothes.

man labeling cardboard box

Get Several Quotes from San Antonio Movers

When you’re on a budget, you should always request free cost estimates from multiple movers in San Antonio. If you do that, you can compare them all and choose the offer that meets your needs. Just remember that you shouldn’t focus solely on the price tag. Some companies might offer more services, such as disassembling and reassembling certain items.

Declutter the House First

Before the move, go through your home and declutter it. Get rid of the items you no longer need. This is crucial if you want to spend less and have less work in the new house.

If the items are still in good condition, you can always donate them to places in your community. A quick look on your Facebook page will probably tell you where to take them. However, if they’re damaged or falling apart, throwing them away is better. You’ll feel good about reducing the load and saving money!

Hire Movers in San Antonio Today!

Many people wonder if they need professional movers in San Antonio. For most, the answer is yes. It isn’t easy to do everything yourself. Though you can get packing materials, find free boxes, and pack your items yourself, hiring someone for the rest of the work is often wise.

Apple Moving offers the best prices in town when moving locally. However, you can also use the service when you require long-distance movers. Start your move today by requesting a free quote!

FAQs About the Costs Associated with Moving Companies

What Do Most Movers Charge Per Hour?

San Antonio moving companies typically charge an hourly fee of about $75 per mover per hour. However, you are usually charged a fixed rate if you must go a long distance or have add-on services.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay to Move?

When choosing your budget for the move, remember that the moving company isn’t the only expense. You’ll also have to consider the fuel used to get back and forth between locations, dine-out costs from being unable to cook, and potentially staying in a hotel for a few days. Therefore, you can expect to spend about $1,000 on the low side. If it’s long distance, you might pay $10,000 or more.

How Much Does It Cost for Movers in San Antonio?

The moving company will generally charge $75 per mover per hour if it is a local move. The average cost for the metropolitan area is about $450 to $2,700 (studio apartment to four-bedroom).

However, if you’re dealing with a long-distance move, the price will range from $2,880 to $5,900 for a one-bedroom apartment to $5,050 to $8,200 for a four-bedroom apartment when you’re traveling 1,000 miles.

How Much Are Movers in Texas?

A long-distance move will cost a lot more than a local one, ranging from $2,880 to $8,200. However, it’s best to talk to the moving company representative beforehand to understand what it will be for your household.