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How to Announce Your Office Relocation: 5 Great Tips

No matter the size or type of your business, announcing a relocation can stir up emotions and stress. Turn potentially adverse reactions into an exciting opportunity to recharge your brand, expand the business, and bolster your employees.

To keep your move flowing smoothly, follow these five essential office relocation announcement tips.

1. Announcing the Move to Your Employees

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Make sure they’re the first to know you’ve decided to relocate. This should be one of the first tasks on your list of office moving to-dos.

  • Organize an announcement meeting: Reveal the details of your relocation, so all employees hear about the move at the same time. Set the stage for positive interaction by arranging a breakfast or lunch meeting if possible.
  • State the reason: Explain why you’re moving your office in the most positive way possible. Make the reason for the move a morale booster and show enthusiasm for the change. For example, maybe the move will provide improved working conditions – like an upscale employee lounge.
  • Provide details: Give each employee an attractively designed hard copy announcement with location address, move date and time, timeline, critical features of the new office, name of moving company contact person, and what they need to do to get ready.
  • Engage employees: Let them see how the move will benefit them. Maybe there will be an employee shuttle, a less isolated location, or more comfortable facilities. Ask for their opinions. Listen to what isn’t working at your current location and what they envision for the new office. If this is a long distance relocation, be sure to outline the details of the corporate relocation package for your employees.
  • Be sensitive: Moves can be stressful. Be aware of how the move will affect each employee. Some may choose to move on, so this will be an excellent time to assess and reorganize your team.
  • Follow-up: Send out a summary email of the moving announcement that employees can reference.

Hold a meeting with your employees to to let them know about the office relocation.

2. Clients and All Business Contacts

An office relocation announcement provides an ideal way to reconnect with your business contacts. To facilitate your relocation announcement, organize a digital list of every business contact who needs to know you’re relocating, including clients, customers, vendors, creditors, etc.

Include the following in your relocation announcement letter:

  • The positive reasons you’re moving (to provide improved customer service, need for a larger facility because the company has grown, etc.)
  • A statement that you value their business
  • Dates the current office will remain open and hours of operation
  • The date that the new office will open and hours of operation
  • New office address with a thumbnail map.
  • Include the main office phone number and state whether the contact info is the same or new
  • Email address and state if the email is the same or new
  • Relocation contact person and phone number (some clients may be nervous about the move. A contact person can answer questions and reassure)
  • End the letter explaining how you look forward to continuing the business relationship. (For example, “We look forward to working with you from our new location!”)

Make a list of contacts, like vendors, suppliers, and customers, and let them know you’re moving.

3. Website, Social Media, and Print Announcements

Make sure you announce your move on your digital properties, as well as in the places that you usually run print advertisements.

  • Announce your move with an eye-catching banner. Include the moving date and the positive spin on why you’re moving.
  • Post the banner on your website, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Keep banners posted for at least six months.
  • If you run print media ads, be sure to state your new location for at least six months.

4. Blogpost Announcements

Post several blogs to announce your move. This transition is an excellent opportunity to talk up your business, recharge your brand, and describe how the move will benefit your business contacts.

5. Personal Announcements

If you have some particularly valued clients, provide some extra TLC. Call them directly to explain the move before sending your announcement letter.

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