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How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving | Household Packing Tips

Packing your shoe collection for a big move can be stressful and confusing. In addition to being delicate and sensitive to weight, shoes are an oddly-shaped item that may seem tricky to pack. Here, you will find some expert tips on how to safely and efficiently pack your shoes when moving.

Reduce Space By Purging Your Shoe Collection

Before you begin to pack up your shoe collection, you should take stock of all the shoes you currently own and do a small purge. Pick a few pairs of shoes that no longer fit, are no longer fashionable for you, or that you just don’t want anymore. Donate those shoes to a local charity or homeless shelter instead of throwing them away so someone else can get additional use out of them.

Use Original Box If Available

Shoes may become scuffed and smashed during a move if they aren’t packed and adequately protected. If you happen to have kept the original box for your shoes, take advantage of it and merely repack your shoes in it. This step will not only prevent them from becoming smashed or scuffed, but it will also make them easier to pack and stack to maximize moving space.

Opt for Other Appropriately-Sized Boxes

If the original box for your shoes is not an option, find a box of proper size in which to store your pairs of shoes. If the boxes you have on hand are too large to store just one pair of shoes, you can pack multiple pairs of shoes in the box to maximize packing space.

Packing High Heels and Dress Shoes to Save Space

High heels can be tricky to pack because of their odd shape. You can work around their unusual shape by creating cardboard dividers that create 5-inch by 5-inch squares when placed inside of a tall box. You can then drop your heels into the compartment’s toe first. To further protect their shape, stuff socks into your heels to prevent them from being smashed. Using packing materials you already own allows you to pack more of your possessions into fewer boxes.

Packing Boots for A Move

Whether they’re your winter boots, cowboy boots, or work boots, they need to get to your new home safely and undamaged. The best way to pack such bulky and heavy footwear is to give them their own large box (if you have multiple pairs.) Wrap each boot in clean, dry packing paper and layer them on top of one another in alternating directions. Wrapping will keep them dry, prevent scuffing, and maximize your box space. You can even stuff the boots with more paper or socks to help them to hold their shape and absorb any dampness that may be present.

How you load your boxes on the truck is just as important as how you packed them. Keep in mind that if you place a heavy box on top of the boxes containing your shoes, there’s still a chance they can become smashed. At Apple Moving, we always recommend packing your heavier boxes on the bottom and placing your lighter, more delicate boxes on top.

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