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For people wishing to experience the best of Austin without the hefty price tag, living on the outer rim of the city may be the way to go. With lower housing costs and exceptional amenities, cities like Leander are attracting lots of new residents who want to work and live near the city, but also want a place to call their own.

The city of Leander, TX was founded in the late 19th century when the Austin and Northwestern Railroad sold land to area residents. The town is named after Leander “Catfish” Brown, who completed the rail line through north Austin. Since it was first settled, the town has grown steadily, reaching its current-day population of just over 25,000 people. Today, Leander’s residents enjoy the serenity of small-town life with easy access to the big city.


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Things to do in Leander, TX

There is no shortage of things to do in Leander. Residents have access to seven city parks and a smattering of splash pads that offer ample outdoor recreation. In Southwest Williamson County Park, visitors can hop aboard the Cedar Rock Railroad, a quarter-sized train that takes pint-sized passengers on a scenic 1.4-mile ride through the park.

For outdoorsy types, the Eagle Peak Shooting Range and Crystal Falls Golf Course are also popular spots, while nearby Lake Travis offers Leander residents a reprieve from the triple-digit Texas heat. Tucked along the lake shore, Volente Beach Waterpark boasts fun water rides, pools, and food in a family-friendly setting, while the Piranha Austin Boat Rentals appeal to those with a need for speed. No matter what your interests, Leander has a little something for everyone.

Leander Neighborhoods

When it comes to housing, Leander really shines. The cost of living here is 2.8% lower than the American average, and the median home price is just south of $200,000, making the dream of homeownership well within reach.

In the last decade, Austin has boomed, the urban sprawl swallowing Leander and other suburbs. Leander’s housing market has responded to the staggering population growth with rapid housing development. While historic and older homes still dot the landscape, a profusion of new construction is responsible for housing many of the city’s newcomers. Currently, about 25 new home builders are at work in 25 different communities, building homes that range anywhere from $210,000 to $800,000 in price. One of the most popular neighborhoods, Crystal Falls, features well-appointed homes in a beautiful Hill Country setting along the Crystal Falls Golf Course. Houses here range from new homes in the low $200,000s to custom homes from the $400,000s. Sarita Valley, another desirable neighborhood, features wooded home sites and 40 acres of parkland crisscrossed with hike and bike trails. Homes here are priced from the mid-$400,000s. While these neighborhoods are two favorites, there are plenty of housing options for every taste and budget.

Leander Moving Companies

For the diehards who want to immerse themselves in the Austin culture, there may be no substitute for living near storied Sixth Street or in a gleaming condo downtown. But for many people who want to enjoy a city like Austin, but either can’t or won’t pay the high prices that such a lifestyle demands, cities like Leander offer a very nice alternative. If you decide Leander is the place for you, let Apple Moving help you get settled in. We’re an Austin-born moving company, serving Central Texas since 1991. Our team of professional movers can take care of the entire moving process, from packing and boxing to unloading the truck and organizing your home. We remove the stress of transition so you can focus on building your new life in Leander.

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