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Moving In Georgia: Laws And Tips For A Safe Move

For a smooth and successful move to the state of Georgia, there are some useful tips and Georgia laws to be aware of as you plan your move. If you already live in Georgia and are planning a move within the state, it is a good idea to brush up on this same important information. A great move to, from, or within Georgia starts here!

Hire Licensed Movers In Georgia

The state of Georgia strongly recommends hiring licensed, professional movers if you are moving to, from, or within Georgia. Hiring licensed movers will help protect you against loss or damage to your property. Apple Moving is fully licensed and insured and registered as an interstate moving company through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Georgia Moving Tips

Georgia’s Department of Public Safety offers valuable tips on how to be prepared for a move to, from, or within Georgia. 

After you choose your licensed and insured carrier, it’s an excellent idea to get a written and signed estimate. Keep it in a safe place in case you need to recall it later. Understand and agree with the bill of lading (your moving contract) before you sign it. You will also want to fully understand your movers’  limits of liability and loss/damage protection before your move. 

Get off to a great start on moving day by being ready when your movers arrive and make an inventory with them before the truck is fully loaded. Be at the destination at the agreed upon time to receive your household goods. Sign the delivery receipt after checking the condition of your property.

To ease the stress of moving, hire Apple Moving to move you to or from anywhere in the US!