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Organizing for The New Year

Welcome to 2014! We are so excited to be starting fresh with a new blog in the new year.

One of the most common complaints we hear about moving is that there is so much STUFF. You never realize just how much you have until you try to sort and pack it for a move. Here are a few quick things you can do to streamline your stuff and start 2014 with some extra space and peace of mind.

Toss, Donate, Keep bins


Start with a closet or a junk drawer or even your dresser, and sort everything into three bins. Keep the things you use and need; Toss the items that are broken/full of holes/no longer working; Donate the items that are in good and working condition but are no longer used. Tackle one or two areas a week, and see the clutter disappear.

Use What You’ve Got


There are a million articles out there with tips and tricks to organize your home. Find ways to use what you’ve already got laying around to organize and re-purpose your belongings. For example, that hanging shoe rack you swore was going to save your closet? You know, the one that’s still in the package? Use it in your laundry room or garage to store your cleaning supplies. That way everything you have is visible, and it frees up space under the sink.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Craft room after organization

Maybe you’ve been wanting to set up a new craft area, or a fancy guest room, but the space has become a catch-all for junk and unused items. Put together a vision board or Pinterest board of ideas for that dream space and work to getting the area cleaned up. Soon you’ll be clutter-free and on your way to a new room.


What tips and tricks are you using to get organized in 2014?


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