Kim and Rod Lewis Track and FieldKim & Rod Lewis Track & Field in San Antonio, Texas, is a well-known and respected facility that has been providing quality sports training for athletes of all ages for over 25 years. As a center dedicated to the development of young athletes and their physical fitness, it plays an important role in preparing them to reach peak performance levels. But what makes Kim & Rod Lewis Track & Field so special? 

The track at Kim & Rod Lewis consists of two regulation-sized 400m tracks with eight lanes each – one designed specifically for high school competitions – plus long jump areas, a pole vault area, and more than 20 throwing rings. On top of that, there are four sand pits used by hurdlers during practice sessions or meets. This impressive setup allows athletes to train in many different events simultaneously while still maintaining plenty of space between them. Moreover, the surface is made from rubberized asphalt, which provides cushioning underfoot but also enough grip for runners’ shoes when accelerating out of curves or bends. 

Kim & Rod Lewis: A Legendary San Antonio Track And Field Family

Kim and Rod Lewis have been a legendary family in the San Antonio track and field community for decades. They are well-known for their successes as athletes, coaches, mentors, and parents. As former high school standouts, they have used their platform to empower young people to reach their highest potential while giving back to the community that raised them. Additional info

Their influence has been felt throughout San Antonio athletics from middle school through college-level competition. Kim was a three-time state champion at Taft High School before attending Texas A&M on an athletic scholarship, where she became one of the best sprinters in school history. Rod was also a star athlete at Taft High before becoming an assistant coach under his wife’s tenure as head coach at St Mary’s University in San Antonio, where he helped lead the team to conference championships over his five-year tenure there. 

The Lewises’ impact on San Antonio athletics extends beyond just competing or coaching; they have created numerous scholarships aimed towards helping student-athletes achieve success both academically and athletically while providing mentorship opportunities within their own Track & Field program with camps designed specifically for youth development across all age groups. Their commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and it has inspired countless others who strive to make positive changes in our communities today. With this legacy of leadership firmly established, it’s clear that the impact of Kim & Rod Lewis will be felt by generations down the line—an inspiring reminder that greatness can truly come from anywhere when you work hard enough for it. Helpful hints

The Impact Of The Lewis On The San Antonio Athletics CommunityKim and Rod Lewis Track and Field

The Lewis family has been a part of the San Antonio athletics community for more than three decades. Kim and Rod Lewis are legendary figures in track and field, having competed at the highest levels of competition while also coaching their children to success. Their impact on the local sports scene has been immense, not just in terms of wins but also through inspiring generations of young athletes.

Kim and Rod’s commitment to excellence is evident from their many accomplishments as well as those achieved by their kids. They have set an example that aspiring athletes can look up to – one that celebrates dedication, hard work, and perseverance in pursuit of greatness. The legacy they’ve created will continue to inspire future generations for years to come. 

From celebrating milestones such as state championships or national rankings down to recognizing small victories like personal bests or breaking records among peers, Kim & Rod have made it clear that no achievement is too small when it comes to striving for greatness in sports – both on and off the field. As we celebrate their achievements throughout 2021, let us remember what they stood for, setting high standards with determination and passion.

Celebrating Their Achievements In 2021

Kim and Rod Lewis have the unique distinction of being two of San Antonio, Texas’ most accomplished track and field athletes. With a combined 30 years of experience competing in professional events, they’ve earned numerous medals along the way. This year, their hard work and dedication to the sport are being celebrated with special recognition from the city council. 

The Lewis siblings began running in middle school and continued through high school and college. Their commitment paid off as both qualified for Olympic trials in 2016 – Kim in the 800m race, while Rod competed in multiple events, including shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, triple jump, long jump, and 4×400 relay team event. They’ve also had success at local meets across Texas over the past decade or so. 

This 2021 marks an important milestone for Kim & Rod: all their efforts are finally being acknowledged by San Antonio’s governing body, with a special award ceremony scheduled later this month at City Hall. It promises to be an exciting day for them both, one that will leave lasting memories of their tenacity and love for track & field forever etched into our history books.

Kim and Rod Lewis’s incredible accomplishments in the track and field realm have left a lasting impression on San Antonio. Their legacy is one of resilience, hard work, dedication, and passion for their sport. As you look back at their achievements this year, take time to appreciate all that they have done for your athletics community. 

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