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Transporting any kind of piano, whether an upright or a concert grand, is no simple task. Moving a piano from one location to the next requires ample planning, plus know-how, equipment, and plenty of hands to assist. These oversized, awkwardly shaped instruments are not only heavy, but have delicate pieces that require careful handling. While you can move a piano on your own, most people find that this is a task best left to professionals.

Apple Moving is a full-service moving company that can alleviate the stress of moving your prized instrument to its new home.  In addition to performing residential and commercial moves of all sizes and distances, we also specialize in piano moving services. Our goal is to make your piano relocation a hassle-free and smooth experience, transporting it safely to its destination, so you have one less thing to worry about. To request a free piano moving estimate, reach out to our team today by phone, chat, or through the quote form!

Piano Moving Services in Texas and Beyond

You might just need a piano moved from one room to another, or you might require transport of your piano to another state. Whatever your needs, we offer the piano moving services to accommodate:


Moving a baby grand, grand, or concert piano often entails disassembling the instrument first. With a larger piano, this step is essential to ensure it fits through doorways and onto the moving truck. Disassembly also reduces the chance of injury to movers or damage to the property by making the piano more manageable to load and transport. Our movers work diligently to remove the legs, music rack, lid, and other detachable components, wrapping each piece with quilted moving blankets or pads. Taking the time to correctly disassemble the instrument ensures its protection during the move.

Local Piano Transport

If you’re planning a local move and need your piano moved from one location to the next, you can count on our assistance. Whether you need help with an in-home piano move or a relocation from one residence to the next, we can do the job. Our team works quickly to get your piano moved across town in just a matter of hours, so it’s reassembled and ready for tuning the same day. We offer local piano transport services for customers in the Austin area, as well as in our other locations across Texas, Missouri, and Virginia.

Cross-Country Piano Moving

Whether you’re moving your entire household long distance, or you’ve found the perfect piano in another state and need help shipping it to your home, Apple Moving can handle your cross country piano move. We are licensed as an interstate mover through the US Department of Transportation and frequently run loads to the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between. We can move just your piano or move it along with the contents of your home, ensuring its safe arrival across the country.

Use of Piano Moving Equipment

Due to the size, weight, and delicate nature of this instrument, having the right tools for the job is essential when it comes to piano moving. Our team comes armed with the necessary equipment to manage every aspect of the move. We use specialized piano tools to disassemble the instrument, then wrap all pieces with moving blankets, securing them in place with movers’ wrap so they stay protected. Our crew also makes use of piano dollies and skid boards to ensure safe transit to and from the moving truck. This equipment also helps protect your floors from scrapes and skid marks. Once the instrument is loaded, we also secure it to prevent shifting while in transit. Our choice in high-quality moving tools keeps your beloved instrument safe and in top condition throughout the move.

Piano Storage

If you’re looking to store your piano during the relocation process, Apple Moving can make the transition from your current home, to storage, to your new home seamless. We have climate-controlled warehouse storage available at each of our locations. Climate-control is critical to safeguard your piano from shifting temperatures. Drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations can warp the wood, keys, or strings. When you store your piano with us, you can rest assured it’s in a clean, safe, and temperature regulated environment. To make piano storage easy, our crew can pick up your instrument and transport it to our secure, monitored storage space. When you’re ready to finish your move, schedule delivery to your next residence.

Piano Reassembly

Just as we work methodically and meticulously to take your piano apart, we also work carefully to reassemble it after delivery. Let us know where you’d like the instrument positioned, and we’ll work to get it rebuilt in the perfect place. Once the reassembly job is complete, you can retune it and enjoy tickling the ivories for years to come.

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Piano Moving Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the top piano moving tips we’ve accumulated over our decades of piano transport and delivery:

1. Don’t use the legs

Piano legs are lightweight and though they have small wheels, are not structurally sound for transporting the entire weight of the bulky soundboard and housing. If you’re moving a concert or grand piano, make sure to remove the legs and use a dolly to transport the pieces.

2. Recruit assistance

Safe piano transport typically involves a minimum of three or four people. You’ll need extra hands to elevate the instrument and keep it upright on the dolly. You also need spotters to manage and clear the piano’s path and support to push the instrument up the ramp and onto the truck.

Prepare for transport

In addition to disassembling the instrument, make sure you also have all the other tools you need before moving day. Use a four-wheel piano dolly for moving the instrument and be prepared with moving blankets and a quilted piano cover to protect its surface from scratches or dings.

4. Clear a path

Establish a pathway that’s devoid of all clutter. Moving a piano in a disorderly and messy environment could lead to damage of the instrument or harm to you. It’s helpful to remove all obstacles and temporarily do away with rugs and carpets.

5. Keep it balanced

If you want to move a piano correctly, take weight distribution into consideration. Load the piano onto the dolly, making sure the weight is evenly distributed to prevent the dolly from tipping over. If you’re moving an upright, you can usually just lift it a few inches up onto the dolly, positioning it right-side up in the center of the dolly. Alternatively, you can turn the piano on it’s side, placing the case on the dolly’s slats. To move the case of a grand piano, place the instrument on its flat side, slightly off-center on the dolly to better support the weight of the cast iron harp.

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