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The Perfect Kits For Moving Day

You’ve cleaned out the junk. You’ve hired the movers. You’ve packed everything, prepared all of the furniture, and boarded the pets. You are READY to move.

But what happens once you get there?

Getting everything out of the old place and into the truck is only half the battle. Once it’s all moved into the new place, situated in the correct rooms, and the movers have packed up and left, then the unpacking begins. And what will you need to actually start the unpacking/arranging process?

We’ve put together two lists for you: Personal Moving Pack and Household Moving Pack. Check the out!

Personal Moving Pack


These are the items you’ll need to get you going the first couple of days. You might have to go back to work, and you’ll definitely find a laundry list of errands to run, so you’ll want to be prepared.
Here are the items you should put in your Personal Moving Pack.

Three sets of clothes
If you have to return to work immediately, have 2 sets of work outfits, and one set of comfy clothes for working around the house. Be sure to include everything you’ll need – socks, undergarments, shoes, accessories, and night attire.

Emergency toiletries
You might have packed your full arsenal in a bright bag to keep track of it, but there’s always a chance it’ll get misplaced and end up in the garage or the spare bedroom. So pack some travel toiletries that will last a few days.

Shower curtain liner
You can grab one of these at the grocery store for a few dollars, and it will definitely come in handy if your regular one goes MIA. You’ll want to be able to shower, and having no shower curtain makes that pretty tough.

Three towels
One to dry off with, one to put by the sink to dry your hands, and one to put on the floor so you aren’t slipping on the tile.

Hand soap
You may have the perfect soap dispenser for every sink the house, but it might take a couple of days for them to be unpacked. You’ll want to wash your hands in the new place, so bring at least one hand soap for the bathroom.

Toilet paper
Bring one roll for every bathroom in the house. You might drop them off ahead of time, but trust us; you will DEFINITELY miss that if you don’t have it when you need it.

Night light
It’s a new house, new layout, boxes everywhere; that is a recipe for stubbed toes at the very least. Give yourself a night light so you can at least get to the bathroom during the night if you need to.

Cell phone charger
You probably have one in your car, but you’ll want one easily accessible at the new house. Plus, you can use the charger with your phone as well as the nightlight to test the new outlets.

Household Moving Pack


These are the items you’ll want to help you get your basic organizing and cleaning
done right away without hunting for supplies. 

Your favorite quick cleaning supplies
You probably won’t be stopping to do a deep clean in every room right off the bat, so just bring your spot clean items. Clorox wipes, Windex wipes, and a Swiffer duster will all come in handy.

Shelf paper
Before you even start unpacking your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure to lay down nice and new shelf paper. Be sure to get a couple of rolls so you don’t run out halfway through.

Miscellaneous tools
If you have furniture to be re-assembled, include the tools you’ll need for them. This might include an allen wrench, hammer, of flathead/phillips screwdriver. Don’t scramble around for your giant toolset; just pack the items you know you’ll need.

Cutting implements
You’ll need to open boxes, packages, and probably break down some boxes as well. Have a box cutter or sturdy pair of scissors ready.

A few magnets
You might need to put some stuff on the fridge for quick reference; pizza coupons, dates/times for the cable guy, the new address, and just to give the place a little taste of home.

Paper towels
You will need these more than you might imagine. You might want to grab 2 rolls.

Trash bags
Spring for the big box. You’ll definitely be needing them.

Notebook and pen
You’ll find a million notes to make to yourself; items you need, measurements for windows/walls, damaged areas, and even the names of new neighbors. You can either have a physical notebook, or have a good place to take notes on your phone.

What would you add to your moving day packs?

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