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Three Ways to Take Some of the Stress Out of Your Move

Moving is a crazy time. If it were as simple as “pack stuff, driver to new home, unpack stuff” people wouldn’t dread it nearly as much. But there are so many components to moving; finding a new home, updating all addresses, moving utilities/cable/internet, finding a moving company, registering for new schools, gently moving pets, keeping your belongings safe…… the list goes on and on!

Luckily, we found three great sites/apps that can help take some of the stress out of your move.


1. BoxHopp. Once you’ve packed everything, loaded it in the truck, and unloaded, you breathe a sigh of relief…… until you realize you have no idea where the toilet paper is. No matter how many ways you try to label boxes or color code, things always seem to get shuffled. BoxHopp is a way to visually record all of your belongings and their whereabouts in the sea of boxes. This helps in two very important ways. First, you can easily identify the boxes containing items you need to unpack first. No more hunting for that random box that you threw your favorite shoes in! Second, you have a visual record of all of your possessions. If anything is lost of broken in the move, this record will be a huge asset in your insurance claim. Extra insurance is always a good thing. BoxHopp is currently available for in the App Store (for iPhone) and in the Google Play store (for Android).


2. My Move App. This app helps you organize and prioritize the details of the actual move. You can research movers as well as their reviews, make notes, create a checklist of to-dos, and request moving quotes all in this app. Instead of emailing and calling around and making tons of notes on at home and the office, this app offers you one cohesive spot to have all of your collected information and research regarding your move. No more hunting for that scrap of paper you wrote that one quote from that one company while in the drive thru for lunch!


3. PetRelocation.com. Family pets offer a whole new set of complications when it comes to moving. We wrote about some tips to make the move easier for your pet, but there is a company that specializes in just that. PetRelocation.com can help your pet get moved in the easiest, most comfortable and efficient manner possible, and save you the headache of trying to keep you move on schedule and your pet from going crazy in the car. Added bonus: If your pet arrives at your new home before you, PetRelocation.com will arrange to board your pet and have he/she groomed and ready for you when you arrive.

We hope one of these solutions can help some of the stress out of your move. And for even less stress, call us to get a quote for first rating moving, packing and storage.