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What Do Movers Do? Find out How They Will Help You!

What will a full-service mover do for you? This is a question on many homeowner’s minds, especially if they’re selling their home and buying a new one.

The biggest challenge is moving to a new place. Moving services are an excellent option for most people because it will take much of the work off of them.

Everyone knows how hard it is to move. Though you can ask friends and family members for assistance, they don’t want to do it because they remember their experiences. Instead, hiring a professional moving company to do it all for you is better.

Full-service movers pack, unpack, and handle all other aspects of the task for you. They’ll eliminate the stress and complications you might face on your own.

Hiring moving services to do the work for you isn’t a cost-effective solution. However, there are many benefits of using them.

Alternatively, you can rent a moving truck and do it all yourself, but it’s tiresome. Many homeowners choose a hybrid version. They’ll move the smaller things and hire a moving company to care for the oversized items.

Today, you will learn about the services movers offer to make life easier. This will help you make an informed decision when the time comes.

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What Are Professional Movers?

Many people wonder what a moving company offers and what services it provides.

When you hire a full-service mover, they will handle everything required for the move to be successful. It’s what they do; they’re paid well for the job. Here’s what to expect:

Full-service Movers Offer Packing Supplies

You will not have to source the packing materials if you hire full-service movers. They’ll provide the padding, bubble wrap, and moving boxes.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when moving is where to get boxes. Some businesses will give them away for free, but moving companies will handle it for you, so there’s no reason to worry.

Likewise, they provide furniture blankets to protect your items for the journey ahead. This means you won’t have to fear scratches and other damage.

Full-service Moving Companies Pack for You

Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of the moving process. However, when you hire professional packers, they will do it all for you. This gives you more time to focus on other factors relating to the move, such as closing the sale of the new house, setting up the mortgage, and switching services.

Your possessions are protected throughout the move. A professional moving service will do it faster than you could alone.

Overall, you won’t be worried about fragile items getting damaged. The professionals know how to pack things correctly to reduce the risk of breaking anything.

Packing up a house is a tedious job, and most people believe that the moving service is worth its full weight in gold because it handles everything.

Full-service Movers Disassemble and Reassemble Things

How much furniture do you have in your home? Can it easily be removed from the doorway and down the stairs (or in the elevator)? Most people don’t realize how many things they have in the house and then notice too late that it’s too hard or impossible to get them out the door.

Professional movers can disassemble your furniture before the move, putting it in the truck for transport. It’s generally easier this way. Plus, they know how to do it correctly to avoid stripping screws and losing pieces.

A professional mover has the tools needed for the job and has taken apart many pieces of furniture in the past. Plus, they will reassemble everything in the new home, giving you added peace of mind. You’ll walk in and have your bed, table, and dressers ready for you!

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The Full-service Mover Loads and Unloads That Moving Truck

Moving companies have large trucks and employees who will load and unload the moving truck for you.

Think about how many heavy furniture items you have in your home. They might also be awkward to carry. Instead of doing it yourself, you can hire someone else to do that job for you!

You won’t have to ask your friends for help, get into fights while trying to jam the couch through a door frame, and all the other little things that generally pop up in this situation.

Movers have been doing this service for years and have the experience to tackle any situation. It doesn’t matter if you have tight or small areas; they’ll do the job!

Full-service Movers Transport Your Things

Full-service movers will drive your things to the new home, whether it’s a long-distance move or something local. Plus, they’ll give you an estimated arrival time so you know what’s happening.

Even if you’re only moving to another part of the city, maneuvering in a new location is often challenging. You’ve also got your entire life packed up, so you’re stressed and anxious. Hiring a good mover makes all the difference because they will know the most efficient way to get your things from one point to the other.

Full-service Movers Unpack Your Stuff

If you handle the unpacking, you’re likely to procrastinate. However, full-service movers will have it done in no time.

They’ll also remove and dispose of the packing material or recycle it for future use. This means you save time and energy!

Full-service Moving Companies Remove Packing Materials and Boxes

Once the move is finished, you’ll have tons of packing materials and boxes to remove from the home. However, moving companies will deal with all that, taking it out and throwing it away or reusing it if possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Full-service Moving Company?

It isn’t cheap to have full-service moving companies take care of the move for you. However, you can choose the required services and will only pay for those.

Most movers will work with you and help you decide what’s right for you, creating a plan that meets your needs.

Naturally, additional services will cost you more, and the number of items you must move will affect the price.

Typically, San Antonio movers charge $75 per mover per hour for the job. However, a long-distance move will generally be a fixed rate, ranging from $2,000 to over $10,000, depending on the distance and many other factors.

Another thing to consider is the time of year for your move. Moving companies are typically hectic between May and September, so moving in the off-season is wise. You must also factor in how many movers you’ll need and consider tipping the professionals for their service.

You can cut costs by packing smaller things in your cardboard boxes. Don’t use as many additional services. When the movers arrive, they’re ready to work, so stay out of their way to allow them room to move around.

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How Long Does It Take for a Full-Service Move?

Having a team of full-service movers to help you will reduce the time it takes to get things done. It might take weeks to pack everything yourself, but movers can do it in a day (in most cases).

For example, a small house might take two to three hours and a few movers. However, a large home could take upwards of nine hours. You’re paying them hourly, so keep that in mind.

Likewise, they might charge more if they’re dismantling furniture pieces and putting them in the truck.

You can request an unpacking service, as well. Expect it to take about the same time as it did to pack things.

Regardless, your movers will give you a time frame with the free quote, so you’ll better know how long everything will take to complete.

Eliminating Things You No Longer Need

One helpful tip is to get rid of anything you don’t want or need a few months before the move. Clutter around the house might also make it take longer to sell.

Though your home will look better, you’ll also save money because you’re not transporting things you don’t need. Overall, full-service movers are only there to pack and move the boxes. It’s up to you to sort everything.

Once you’ve decided what you no longer want to keep, you can donate it to a local charity. They might give the items away or sell them at a discounted price to help the community.

Finding the Top Professional Movers

You want the best movers possible since it costs so much, and you’re trusting someone else with your things. It’s generally wise to get three quotes from local movers to compare them. Then, you’ll fully understand the costs involved and what’s offered to assess your options.

Each moving estimate should provide similar information to help you decide. For example, it should list all your requested services and give a total price.

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Why Hire Apple Moving

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FAQs About Moving Companies

What Are the Roles of Movers?

Professional moving companies have workers who will help you with the moving process. This can include packing things, putting them on the truck, transporting them to the new home, and bringing them into the rooms of the new place.

Overall, their main job is to ensure that the items they move will get to their destination undamaged.

Do Movers Use Your Bathroom?

Moving companies generally have strict rules in place for their movers because they want it to be a stress-free experience for you. The professionals probably won’t need the restroom if it’s a quick move. However, if it’s a long eight-hour day, allowing them to use the bathroom is customary.

You’re not required to let them use the bathroom. However, that will mean they’re on the clock and traveling to another location to use the facilities.

Will Movers Move Dressers with Clothes in Them?

Typically, the full-service moving company will move dressers with clothing. However, it will remove the drawers, transporting each separately to avoid tipping and other issues. Let the movers know you’ve left things in the dresser for the best results.

What Are the Services of a Moving Company?

Moving companies offer many moving services, which can include:

  • Vehicle transport
  • Management of specialty items
  • Storage
  • Disposal of leftover packing materials
  • Transportation of the belongings
  • Truck unloading and loading
  • Furniture reassembly and disassembly
  • Packing and unpacking all the boxes