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6 Things to Consider When Moving to a New Climate Zone/Region

Whether you are moving from the coast to the mountains, the northwest to the southeast, or from the dry, desert climate of El Paso to the humid subtropical climate of Austin, taking these steps to prepare for life in a new climate zone will help you adjust more quickly and ensure a smooth transition to the new region for your whole family. 

1. Offload Unnecessary Home Maintenance Items

If you’re moving from the mountains of Colorado Springs to the beaches of Fort Walton, the snowblower doesn’t need to come along! Save yourself the time, energy, and cost of moving things that you will likely want to offload when you arrive. Selling these kinds of items in the climate where they are needed is also more likely to fetch you a better price. You can use the funds to replace the items with new ones suited to your new climate. Or, you can donate them to a charitable cause.

2. Shop Before You Go

You will better enjoy the first few days in your new climate if you come prepared. Buy the essentials to feel comfortable right away, and prevent the stress of having to rush around gathering them after you arrive. If you’re heading to a subtropical climate, make sure you have loose fitting clothes, sunblock, hats, insect repellent, and sunglasses. If you’re heading to cold climates, you want to have warm parkas, hats, gloves, and boots if you’re moving in during the snowy season. Don’t forget your furry friends in this preparation! Provide your dogs with warm coats for cold outdoor walks or protective foot coverings for those scorching hot sidewalks in warm climates. This is also a great time to purge your closets of items you will no longer need or want.

3. Make Sure Your New Home Is Climate-Ready

It’s very important (and will reduce stress in the first days of your arrival) to make sure that your new home is up-to-date for regional climate needs. If you are moving to a cold climate in the winter, have the heating systems, fireplaces, and furnaces checked well in advance of your arrival, and have any repairs or maintenance completed so that they are immediately usable. If you’re heading to the warm regions, do the same for your air-conditioning units/systems. For desert climates, humidifiers will help you adjust to the dry heat, and also protect wood furniture and floors from cracking due to low moisture.

4. Prep For Your Move

As you pack to move, keep some things with you that you will need right away when you arrive, in case your moving truck is scheduled to arrive a few days after you. Have weather-appropriate clothing for your region, then sunscreen, bug spray, and maybe even a plug-in fan for warm areas. Have equipment to clear away ice and snow for your arrival and unloading at the new home in snowy locations. You can also consider shopping online and having these items delivered before you arrive, and ask your real estate agent or new neighbors to bring them inside for you.

5. When You Arrive

Be mindful of your routines as you get adjusted to your new climate. In desert or subtropical climates, avoid intense mid-day sun; walking the dog and running errands early (or later, after temps drop) in the day is helpful. Cooking and laundry can heat up your home; if you can plan to do those things after daily temps start to drop, that will help, too. On the opposite end, mid-day is likely the warmest time of day in colder climates and might be the best time to get out and take care of errands and tasks until you adjust to the cold temperatures.

6. Enjoying The Outdoors In Your New Region/Climate

One of the best parts of moving to a new region is the change in outdoor activities available to you! Now that you’ve spent some time adjusting to your new climate, and getting settled into your new home—get to know the new area. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and rock climbing are great ways to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous regions. In your subtropical regions, hitting the beach or lake is awesome, but you can also try deep-sea fishing, boating, camping, and biking.

There are so many wonderful ways to experience your new home and regional offerings. From different foods and cultural traditions, to local attractions and historical sites, you’re going to have so much to explore. Ensuring a smooth and stress-free move will get you out there and enjoying new things right away. So, to ease the stress of moving, hire Apple Moving to move you to or from anywhere in the US!