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How to Decide What Clothes to Keep When Packing Your Closet

Packing for a move is a fantastic opportunity to sort through your possessions. Whether you are getting ready to relocate or just putting items in storage, you’ll never be more aware of everything you’ve accumulated than when you start packing things into moving boxes. During this process, you’ll probably also realize that you don’t need all the items you’ve stored over the years. One of the most obvious places for stashing all those unwanted or unused items is likely your closet. Here’s how to decide what to keep and what to toss when packing up your shoes and clothing:

Why Declutter?

There are several solid reasons to declutter a closet before a move. Perhaps the most apparent is that cutting down on clutter reduces the amount of clothing you need to pack. Saving some of your energy isn’t the only benefit, though; taking some time to declutter your closet also reduces the number of boxes you need and might save even save you money on movers. Fewer clothes will also help you organize the closet at your new home faster.

Deciding What to Keep

The easiest way to start paring down your clothing collection is to make piles. Traditionally, you’ll want three piles – keep, donate, and trash. Clothing that’s ripped, torn, spotted with bleach stains, or otherwise unwearable should go straight in the trash pile. Your staple pieces that get constant use should go in the “keep” pile. Choosing what to donate might be a little trickier. Should you finally part with those pants that fit you five years ago or that dress you’ve been hanging onto for a special occasion that never presents itself? Here are some guidelines for what to get rid of:

  • The old rule of thumb is that you should get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a year. If you’ve gone through all four seasons without wearing it, what are the chances you’ll ever need it?
  • Get rid of duplicates. Do you have three virtually identical versions of ¾ sleeve floral shirts or multiple little black dresses? If you have several of essentially the same item, you probably favor one or two over the others. Donate the ones you tend to wear less.
  • Get rid of things you’ve never worn. That shirt may have looked cute on the hanger when it was marked down to $15 on “final sale,” but once you got it home, it sat in your closet for months unworn. If you still have items with the tags still on, keeping them won’t bring back the money you’ve already shelled out on them. Instead of lugging them around, consider donating these pieces to someone else who can use them.
  • Consider parting with items in need of repair. Whether it’s an old pair of jeans that need a patch or a zip-up pullover in want of a new zipper, you probably have items in need of some TC. If you have a pile of repair items you tossed to the depths of the closet in hopes that you’ll one day get it to the tailor, perhaps now’s the time to discard these pieces.

Getting Rid of What’s Left

Figuring out what to do with what’s left is mostly a matter of condition. If you have clothing that’s in usable condition, several great charities would love your donations. You may also have friends or family members with a similar style who would like your hand-me-downs. You can even make a bit of cash selling some higher-end items at consignment shops or online. Clothing that’s in poor repair or hopelessly dated, though, should have a quick date with the dumpster or a textile recycling bin.

Take some time to look through your clothing as you get ready to pack up your closet. Bring the items that you need and love and make a plan for getting rid of the rest. Not only will you reduce your wardrobe, but you’ll make your move easier. To make your move even more straightforward, give Apple Moving a call! A full-service moving company in Austin, TX, we can help with all aspects of your relocation, including sending movers and packers to tackle your closet! Get started with a free quote when you call today.