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7 Top Tips for an Organized Move

If you are getting ready to move, you might be panicking about how to make the transition easier, affordable, and less stressful. There are simple ways to make moving a smooth process rather than a dreaded, chaotic event. No matter where you are in the moving process, it’s never too soon to start thinking about ways to make your move more organized:

1. Use a Checklist

Making your move more organized and less hectic entails coordinating the process from the get-go, which can be done through putting together your own moving checklist that contains the necessary guidelines for a move. There are online printable checklists that contain moving criteria that you can personalize for your own use.

2. Hire a Mover in Advance

Whether you are moving across town or have a long-distance move out of state, hiring a professional mover can make your move more manageable. While it’s probably cheaper to rent a truck and do-it-yourself with the help of family and friends, consider the additional stress of trying to coordinate schedules and delegate tasks. When you hire a moving company, you can trust us to show up and handle all the logistics for you. Unlike friends or family, moving professionals have training and the correct equipment to ensure the safety of your belongings. If you opt for professional moving services, hire well in advance to get the best rates. Last minute moves can be more expensive as companies have less availability. Also, try to avoid moving during the summer or at the end of the month as these are the busiest times for moving companies. When hiring movers, keep in mind that Apple has four convenient locations in Texas, including Austin, El Paso, Killeen, and San Antonio.

3. Sort and Sort Some More

Before you start the packing process, go through unused and unnecessary items and eliminate them. The less you have, the easier it will be to pack, move, transport and unload. Moving less will also cut down on the cost of your move. Keep a couple of boxes handy while you’re sorting, so disposables can go right in a box. Call charities that pick up for donations or take them yourself to a drop-off location.

4. Color Code Your Move

Use color coded stickers or pre-printed labels for areas of an apartment or house where boxes are being packed. For example, use green circle stickers or adhesive kitchen labels on boxes that are designated for the kitchen. Mark the box with the stickers or labels and write out the contents of the box, such as “Kitchen-Pans”.

5. Make Use of Boxes and Packing Tools

Packing boxes can be purchased through moving stores, home improvement stores, or discount retailers, but they can also be picked up for free through grocery stores, liquor stores, and big box type stores. Ideally, you want uniform sized boxes for easier handling, stacking, and transporting. Also, try to find boxes that have built-in handle areas.

When you get ready to pack your boxes, keep a basket or plastic box with you that contains stickers, adhesive labels, packing tape, markers, scissors, zip-top bags, packing paper, bubble wrap, blankets, or even old clothing and towels for packing regular and fragile items. You want to be able to transport the basket or box with you from room to room and box to box.

6. Keep a Moving To-Do List

From transferring your utilities to getting a new driver’s license, you will still have hundreds of small things to do and take care of before and after your move. Write them down in a checklist or use an app on your phone or even use a white erase calendar type board for daily “to do” tasks.

7. Think Through Loading/Unloading

Load and unload boxes by groups with all the various labeled boxes together (kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.) If using a rental truck, load any heavy furniture and other items first and finish with the lighter boxed items. Don’t forget to set aside a personal overnight bag and a clear plastic box with items you’ll need right away. You don’t want those important things packed in a truck that may be traveling a long distance.

Any of these seven tips provides a great starting place for an organized move. There are hundreds of additional tips out there, but with a checklist in hand, you should be able to navigate your way through the moving maze, minus the moving day woes.

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