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Are you trying to find full-service movers in San Antonio? Most people require a professional for the job. While you could ask two guys you know for assistance, you’re never sure if your belongings and furniture will make it to the new house or business.

Using a professional in Texas – like Apple Moving – San Antonio Movers instead of begging friends is crucial, and we have the right equipment. Whether you need help packing or someone available on moving day, our customers are delighted with our skills. Let our team provide excellent service. Schedule your move today!

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We Are Professional Movers

Apple Moving has the best service and lowest prices of any San Antonio moving brand in the area. Our hourly rates are generally less than half of some of the competitors in the city, so we can save you hundreds of dollars on one move! How is that possible? We’ve done more than the competition, and our service is second to none!

Happy couple with moving boxes and household stuff near their new house on sunny dayOur Moving Company Services Include:

When you choose a San Antonio moving company, you want these features, and we offer all of them as movers:

  • Competitive and affordable rates
  • Years of experience as long-distance, commercial, and local movers
  • Experienced and efficient movers with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Packing and Unpacking services and moving boxes are available
  • Moving service/support seven days a week
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Why Use Us as Your Moving Company in San Antonio, TX

We can handle all of your moving needs, and you don’t have to beg two guys to come over with their pickup truck. In fact, you can save money when you use our service. Our movers are courteous, professional, and quick. Likewise, the trucks are designed to safely carry heavy loads and are very dependable!

Our team can handle your furniture, and we blanket each item to prevent damage done to your precious belongings or the home. It’s our passion to move furniture quickly! When you choose us as your movers, your belongings are covered for damages because we’re licensed in Texas!

With our movers, you get the right tools to ensure that your experience is completely stress-free. When you choose someone who’s insured and licensed for the move, you have friendly movers who are quick with your belongings. Plus, we’re always there to answer questions.

We specialize in apartment, house, and corporate moves and can do the work faster and for a better price than any other mover in the area!

Long Distance Moving Services

Our team can transport all of your goods to various areas safely and quickly. In fact, long-distance service is something many people request because their friends don’t want to travel that far, and they can’t find another mover for the job!

Storage: Closing the Storage Unit Door
Happy couple with moving boxes and household stuff near their new house on sunny day

Corporate/Office Moving Services

Your business is important to you, and switching to another office is time-consuming yet exciting. We can move your corporate business while you’re sipping coffee with colleagues. It’s our job as local movers in San Antonio, and we take pride in it.

Residential Moving Services

We’re so happy you’re staying local because this area of Texas is beautiful and exciting. Get a decent hourly rate from us. Your local movers in San Antonio can get you into your new home quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to lift a finger!

smiling male friends carrying boxes at new place
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Why We’re the Best

At Apple Moving, we offer excellent moving services for a great price. Our agents aren’t on commission, so they don’t make promises they can’t keep or mislead you. We always take time to explain our San Antonio moving process and disclose things upfront so that you’re confident in knowing what you’ll get.

Likewise, our prices are excellent, but we’re not the cheapest around. Our goal is to move your items quickly without damage. That’s why our partners stick with us; they know we care about safety.

We’re here to make your life easier. Therefore, some people might only need assistance with the heavy lifting, but others want us to handle the entire move. It’s all the same for us! Plus, we can put things in storage for you if your new home is too cluttered with things. Just tell us what you need, and we will make sure it happens!

Our team has integrity, honesty, and experience. Therefore, we would never lie to a customer!

How We Work

Instead of two guys who run inside, grab the heavy things, and toss them on a truck, you get quality. Our movers come to your home or business with a long moving truck that’s stocked with dollies, blankets, and straps. We offer a quick walk-through, so we know what we’re moving and what stays.

Then, we provide packing services if that’s what you need and use our tools to protect large items. After everything’s loaded, we strap it down so that nothing shifts or gets damaged.

Most San Antonio moving companies charge a high hourly rate for all that, but we never do. Once we get to the new place, we unload things where you want them and let you start organizing things! It couldn’t be easier!

We can tackle all jobs, and we will work within almost any budget. Therefore, you can take care of most of the work and let us transport it and carry heavy things. Otherwise, we will do it all!

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Our Team Offers These Benefits

  • Highly rated professional movers in San Antonio
  • Stress-free moving experience every time
  • Family-owned and operated
  • No hidden fees
  • Accurate estimates that detail all the costs
  • Only works with professionals who are dedicated to offering excellent customer service
  • Many repeat customers because we’re the best in the business

Why Choose Us

Most people think they should just hire two guys off the street or ask friends to help them with their next move. However, your items are precious and should be treated respectfully. We are the top movers in San Antonio, TX, because we care and focus on your needs. It’s always wise to use a professional! Pick up the phone to schedule your free estimate now!

We’re here to assist you and make this an uneventful time. You’re stressed enough, but San Antonio movers can help you!

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