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Hiring Professional Movers Vs. Moving Yourself – Things You Need To Know!

Make the Right Choice for Your Move

When planning a move, you have a lot to consider – researching your new area, finding the right realtor, and choosing the right home for your family. On top of that, you need to organize, plan and execute the actual move itself. It’s not surprising that moving is one of the most stressful times in our lives. At Apple Moving, we want to make sure your move is as seamless as possible. We’ll show you the pros and cons of moving yourself and hiring a moving company so you can make an educated decision on what will work best for your household or office.

The decision to hire a moving company depends on the size and distance of your move, the complexity of your move, and your budget. Moving yourself can save you money, particularly if you have some willing friends with strong backs! Many of us, however, need an additional helping hand to move furniture and pack and lift boxes. Considering all aspects of your move can help you make a smart decision that fits your budget and lifestyle.

DIY Moving: Pros and Cons

Many of us just prefer to do things our way. When you do all of the moving yourself, you have the freedom to work within your schedule, at the pace you want, the way you want. Moving your household yourself has many benefits but can be difficult in some ways.

Pros of Moving Yourself

Packing Done Your Way

You know your household best. Some items may need to be carefully wrapped and boxed and some things can just be tossed in a bag or suitcase. In either case, you can quickly make those determinations and move your things however you like. When you move yourself, If you can just toss bedding and pillows into the back seat of your car, if you prefer.
A moving company will insist on packing their way. They want to make sure all of your items arrive safely to your new home. Movers from a moving company will have their own system of organizing so they can ensure every box goes into the room in which it belongs. When you move yourself, it doesn’t matter how or when things are packed up. As long as all of your things arrive at your new home on moving day, you can move your household however you’d like.

Moving Yourself Saves You Money

DIY moving does save you money. If you’re capable of moving all of your furniture and boxes yourself, you don’t have to pay someone else to do it for you. Regardless of where you move, expenses from a moving company could be out of your budget. If you DIY pack and move, you can rent a truck to move the contents of your house. This decision can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your move.

Control Every Aspect of Your Move

Having complete control over your move allows you to do everything to your specifications. You can pack and move at your own pace and use the packing methods you prefer. You may have items in your household that are particularly fragile or valued. DIY moving ensures that the items important to you get moved your way.
Moving provides us with an opportunity to clean and sort through our belongings. When you decide to DIY move, you can take the time you need to decide which items to keep and which to donate or throw away. When you hire a moving company, you have to keep to the agreed upon moving schedule. You may not have enough time to thoroughly sort through your entire household of belongings.

Cons of DIY Moving

Planning Can be a Problematic

When you hire a moving company, you will have to plan the date of the move. When you move yourself, you’re responsible for planning and coordinating every aspect of your move. Acquiring packing materials, coordinating a truck rental, organizing the packing and moving schedule, loading and unloading, and finally unpacking will all be your responsibility. Hiring a professional moving company might relieve some of the stress of planning your move.

The Unexpected Always Happens

When you DIY move, expect the unexpected. You’ll need to be prepared in case helpers back out, the weather changes for the worse, or it becomes challenging to move certain pieces of furniture. A moving company, with experienced movers, has the tools and skill to tackle the more unexpected aspects of a move.

The Heavy Lifting Rests on Your Back

Lifting heavy boxes and maneuvering bulky furniture is no fun when you’re on your own. If your house or building has stairs, moving heavier items becomes even more daunting. Not having the help you need to move large furniture can potentially lead to damage to both your current and future home as well as to your furniture.

Moving with an Experienced Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company: Pros

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pros

Save the backs of your friends and family! Hiring a professional moving company lets you relax and focus on other parts of your move. Our team of movers at Apple Moving have the experience and skill needed to move a one-bedroom apartment or a 5 bedroom home.

Enjoy an Efficient Moving Experience

When you hire a licensed moving company, you’re paying for reliability and efficiency. A professional moving team, like Apple Moving, will provide everything from packing materials to the moving truck. Hiring a legitimate moving company can save you precious time so you can focus on what’s important.

Reduce the Stress of Moving

When you contract your move with a professional moving company, they worry about all of the logistics of your move. Not only do they coordinate and pack, they expertly drive the moving trucks from your old home to your new one. If your move is long-distance, you can reduce your stress by travelling to your new home in your preferred manner while your belongings are being safely transported by professionals.

Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

Strangers Move your Stuff

Trusting a moving company with a lifetime of possessions can be a tough decision. When you have items that are treasured or fragile, you’ll likely want to be in control of how they are packed and moved. You should always make sure the moving company you choose has a good reputation and the proper insurance and licenses for your area.

It Can Be Expensive

Hiring a moving company can be expensive. Since the moving company provides everything, they charge for everything. If you’re on a budget, hiring a moving company might not be possible. It might be less expensive if you schedule your move during off-peak moving times. Peak moving times are always at the beginning, exact middle and end of every month.

Hiring A Moving Company Gives You Less Flexibility

When you hire a moving company, you’re on their schedule. The date you agree upon is usually firm so you’ll have to be ready when they are. You may have to wait longer than you’d expect for your belongings to arrive at your new home. So, while you’ll have less to worry about, you won’t be in control of the timing of your move.

Hire Apple Moving for Any Move – Large or Small

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