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Choosing A Smaller Office Space To Accommodate Remote Workers

As we pass the two year anniversary of worldwide lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and employees are navigating new mindsets about working in communal offices. 

Some employees are eager to spend time in the office and enjoy the benefits of chatting with a coworker about the latest news, what they did over the weekend, or the latest Netflix drop.

Others are realizing that they greatly prefer to continue working from home, feeling that they are actually more productive without the distractions in a shared workspace. They may have found that they have a better work-life balance without daily commutes, and they have more time with their families, friends, or their non-work pursuits. 

And there are those who want a little bit of both: the hybrid solution that includes some work days at the office and some work days at home.

For the business owner, finding the best solution for your company to balance the differing needs and desires of your valued employees—along with the rising costs of operating on-site— might involve rethinking the size of your current offices. Here are some considerations for choosing a smaller office space to accommodate remote workers and those who want or need some time in the office. 

The Cost Of Office Space Today

Undoubtedly, one hallmark of the pandemic has been the rise in the cost of real estate and construction. Rent and leasing costs have also gone up as building owners look to cover rising property taxes. 

If your business is transitioning to fewer people in the office, you might have more space than you need. Downsizing your office space to reduce the overhead costs of rent, mortgage, property taxes, heating, cooling, furnishing, technology infrastructures, and maintenance could be a great move for your business.

Environmental Benefits Of Choosing A Smaller Office Space

Choosing to reduce your office space will lower your impact on the environment and your use of limited (and increasingly costly) natural resources. Building, heating, cooling, and providing power to large office spaces requires significant resources. Moving into a smaller space would help reduce your use of these resources, especially if there are only a few days per week when the offices are open with people working in them. Many employees value a company that considers its environmental impact and makes decisions with its eco-footprint in mind! Additionally, the hybrid method mitigates commute-related resources for your employees as well: cost, fuel, emissions, etc.

Location And Office Design For Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Having your headquarters located in dense urban business districts, with close proximity to other businesses and clients, has long been considered the ideal circumstance. But with today’s ability to meet and collaborate remotely, this is less necessary than it has ever been. Do you need to pay the high price of urban real estate for your business to operate and thrive, even if it is empty a few days per week? If not, you may want to consider if a less expensive suburban location makes more sense.

Office design is also changing along with the rise of remote workers. In fact, this was a trend that was already in play before the pandemic. Businesses looking to seek top talent were luring them with boutique style office spaces with open plan designs that fostered a more casual, even playful, environment. Cubicle farms are being transitioned to more intentionally designed co-working spaces where employees can come in and work with team members on-site for a few days per week for the necessary face-to-face aspects of their business—or if they simply want a break from working at home. Having a pleasing office design can make coming to the office a more attractive option and even increase productivity.

Relocating your office is a big decision, but there are a lot of great options available today for businesses of all sizes. To ease the stress of moving, hire Apple Moving to move you to or from anywhere in the US!