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How to Get Rid of Moving Boxes in San Antonio | Make Your Moving Process Easier

You’ve finished moving to your dream home in San Antonio, but then you look around and notice too many used moving boxes. What can you do here?

When moving, it’s normal to use dozens of boxes and other packing materials. The average person doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

A pile of unused moving boxes can make your home look hideous, so why not fix that?

Let’s look at all the options you have available.

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What Options Do You Have to Get Rid of Your Cardboard Boxes?

You may already have a tight budget when moving to San Antonio. Paying someone to remove your boxes won’t always be a great option.

Feel free to deal with unused boxes with any of the four tips below!

Repurpose the Boxes

Used boxes are more useful than you think. The easiest way to deal with those objects is to keep them, but what else can you do with empty boxes?

Are you planning on moving again? You can store a few boxes and save money in the future. You can also use the boxes as storage bins if you have other items you don’t have space for.

Grab the boxes in the best condition to avoid issues. You should also label each box to find what you’re looking for faster.

Used moving boxes can help if you want to make DIY projects. If you’re painting your walls or changing your car’s oil, you can flatten a box and use it to protect the floor.

Moreover, if you want to think ahead, use your cardboard boxes as gift containers. You could make the box look fantastic with a few DIY decorations.

Sell the Boxes

If you don’t want to keep your cardboard boxes, don’t worry. You have a few options to sell them.

Ask your moving company if it works with buyback programs. Movers may buy your cardboard boxes if they’re in good shape.

Depending on the state of your boxes, you can get cash or other benefits from a buyback program. Unfortunately, not all companies offer this program. If selling boxes back doesn’t work, try asking companies like U-Haul or Craigslist.

Many people are out there looking for cheap boxes, so don’t forget to ask family, neighbors, or friends.

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Give Away the Boxes

The fastest option is sometimes to give away your boxes.

Some people donate their boxes to neighbors, friends, or anyone who needs them. A few companies also accept box donations so that you can try your luck there.

Moreover, you can check if you can leave your leftover boxes on the curb. This is fantastic if you want to save time.

Many people leave them outside with a sign that says “Free Moving Boxes.” Other people can grab the box and cut costs on their moving.

Check your local regulations before leaving the boxes outside, which helps avoid problems later. If you can’t, leave the boxes in a designated area.

Another option is to find a charity. They allow you to donate your cardboard boxes to the people there.

There are many charities in San Antonio; finding one near you won’t take too long. Many charities organize events where they have to move a bunch of items. These people will give your boxes good use.

Recycle the Boxes

Deal with your cardboard boxes by recycling them. Choose this option if your boxes aren’t usable anymore. Ask your moving company if it works with any recycling programs.

Many recycling bins receive your worn-out boxes. A recycling or waste management company will deal with those boxes for you. Usually, people use a blue bin to recycle cardboard, so check which one is used in your neighborhood.

Finally, you can take your boxes to a local recycling center. You can break down your boxes in your vehicle to drop them at your nearest recycling place.

When to Consider a Cardboard Box Removal Service

Most of the time, a removal service won’t be the best way to get rid of your boxes, but it’ll be the fastest.

All you have to do is call the company and get a quote. Once you schedule the service, you only have to wait until the team gets there to grab your boxes.

Most companies charge different rates for their service. Make sure to ask different ones to find the best price.

Also, you can ask your moving company if it offers a waste removal service. Sometimes, you may save time and money if you get the same people to remove your moving boxes.

Some of these companies also help you eliminate items you don’t want anymore, such as old TVs, appliances, paint, etc. This can be a huge benefit to save time and money.

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Consider a box removal service if you:

  • Have a bigger budget
  • Got too many boxes
  • Can’t find local recycling companies to help you
  • Don’t have time to deal with the boxes
  • Don’t have anywhere to store your boxes
  • Can’t find someone to sell or gift your boxes to

Let the Team at Apple Moving Help

The team at Apple Moving wants to make your moving process as simple as possible. Even though you may want to move everything to save money, a professional will always be the better option.

Asking a moving company like Apple Moving for help gives you plenty of benefits like:

  • Saving time
  • Moving your heavy furniture
  • Not having to ask anyone else for help
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Not having to drive a moving truck
  • Dealing with cardboard boxes

Apple Moving has been in business since 1991, so you’ll have a reliable and efficient moving experience. You can ask the team for a quote today and discover what it offers.

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Bottom Line

There are many ways to repurpose used boxes, so getting rid of them isn’t as stressful as it seems.

You can talk to the Apple Moving Company if you don’t know what to do with your used moving boxes after you’re done. These experts have years of experience and can guide you through the best alternatives to eliminate unwanted boxes.

Are you interested in moving to San Antonio in the most efficient way possible? Give the team at Apple Moving a call and get an instant quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid of Boxes in San Antonio?

You can eliminate your empty moving boxes by gifting or selling them. If some of your boxes aren’t ready to be reused, you can take them to your local recycling center. These facilities recycle boxes to reduce waste.

What Can I Do with Cardboard Boxes from Moving?

If you want to keep your cardboard moving boxes, you can:

  • Store them for future moves.
  • Use them as storage for extra items.
  • Keep them for home projects.

Repurposing your boxes can take a burden off your shoulders. Check which space you have available for storage, and get your boxes there.

Does Home Depot Take Back Moving Boxes?

Yes. Home Depot is one of the companies that accept unwanted moving boxes. The company gives people a 90-day return period to remove their boxes.

Home Depot creates its moving boxes with recycled materials. It can take them to a local recycling facility and repurpose them. Keep in mind this only applies to boxes bought in Home Depot.

Make sure to ask your local store before sending your packing supplies back. It may not have the same policies.