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10 Reasons to Move to San Antonio

San Antonio, also known as the Alamo City, is the second largest city in Texas and one of the most affordable locations in the state. The highly populous city is on the up, but why is it such an attractive location?

Here are 10 reasons why moving to San Antonio is a good idea, plus a few other interesting facts about this underrated gem in South Central Texas.

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A Few Fun Facts about San Antonio

  • San Antonio is Texas’s most visited city and the 17th most visited in the USA.
  • It is the 7th largest city in the country.
  • The name “Alamo City” comes from the Mission San Antonio de Valero (later renamed the Alamo), which is also how the city got its real name). It is the most popular of the city’s many nicknames and has been in popular use since the 1880s.
  • San Antonio is also known as the Military City because of its strong military presence since World War II. Several important bases are found in the Military City, including the Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, and the Brooks Air Force Base. As such, there is a large number of military families living there.
  • One of the most famous sites in the city is the San Antonio Riverwalk. It also happens to be one of Texas’s most visited destinations. The San Antonio River winds through the city’s heart and is the lifeblood of much of the area’s culture, design, and general appeal.
  • If you go out for a classic San Antonio breakfast, you can forget about toast or pancakes. In this city, it is all about tacos and burritos!
  • Several highly-rated universities in San Antonio, including Trinity University and the University of the Incarnate Wood. San Antonio College is also one of the leading community colleges in the country, having received the Aspen Prize for Excellence in 2021.

Why Move to San Antonio?

1: Diverse Job Opportunities

Young professionals are flocking to San Antonio to make the most of the city’s economic boom. The job market is hot in this city, with diverse employment opportunities across many industries and a few major companies.

Jobs in tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and education are available- with renewable energy also becoming a leading industry. The unemployment rate in San Antonio is below the US average, so if you are a student moving for studies and are concerned about finding income, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Six Fortune 500 companies and many other major corporations make their home in San Antonio, including Toyota, USAA, the Valero Energy Corporation, and the Southwest Research Institute.

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2: Affordable Housing Prices

Without a doubt, one of the core reasons why people move to San Antonio is for affordable housing. According to recent data, the average cost of buying a home in San Antonio is 18.2% lower than the national average.

The median price of homes sold in San Antonio sits around $280,000 compared to around $420,000 for the US. Even in Texas, San Antonio is considered the best city for affordable housing (the state average is around $360,000).

3: Generally Lower Living Costs

Overall, San Antonio’s living cost is well below the national average (roughly 8%). It is also comparatively affordable in general for Texas, with a living cost of almost 15% lower than in Dallas.

The housing prices certainly contribute to this, but it is not the only category people can expect to save a little money in.

Food prices are roughly 5% less than the national average, and energy and transport costs are both around 13% lower. Generally, people can enjoy a better lifestyle with less income than most parts of the country.

Wages in the city are reasonable, which adds to the affordability even more.

4: A Range of Picturesque Neighborhoods to Choose From

From Downtown San Antonio to the quieter outlying suburbs, the city offers pretty, picturesque neighborhoods and public spaces that make a living here even more enjoyable. If you want to live in a big city but don’t want to lose the charming, super-walkable appeal of small-town living, you are in for a treat.

Wherever you go, you are sure to find unique charm and snap-worthy scenes, making it a brilliant choice of home for people who enjoy a stroll around town. You can easily forget the city’s size when you are out and about in this pretty place.

5: An Exciting and Enticing Food Scene

Foodies, listen up! If you love to eat good, exciting, and diverse food, then San Antonio is the place for you. San Antonio is a dream location for flavor fans, with the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico itself and a booming culinary scene throughout the city.

There is an incredible range of dining opportunities for every budget and occasion, with hidden gems scattered across the city.

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6: Rich History and Culture

If there is one thing San Antonio is certainly not short on, it is history. The city is home to some of the oldest parks in the country, and the San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest in Texas. It is also the location of missions that once helped shape the county’s past, with the Alamo being the star attraction.

Walking around the city, you can find all kinds of throwbacks and references to the place’s rich history, and it is woven into the culture today.

Speaking of culture, San Antonio has it by the bucket load. There is a diverse melting pot with heavy Hispanic roots that add to the city’s vibrancy and appeal. The Spanish influence and good old Texas county make San Antonio easily the state’s most unique and exciting place.

7: Plenty of Things to See and Do

Living in San Antonio means never getting bored. San Antonio offers a fantastic range of sites, activities, and attractions for residents to enjoy. From history buffs to nature lovers, there is something for everyone.

The list of things to do and see in San Antonio is almost never-ending, but three things stand out.

  • The Alamo

We have already mentioned the Alamo, but you can’t talk about San Antonio without it coming up a few times! The area has many Alamo-related attractions, not to mention the countless bars and restaurants with a nod to this history.

It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the USA’s most famous historical sites.

  • San Antonio Riverwalk

Secondly, we come back to the San Antonio Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is the city’s heart and the number one hub for shopping and strolling, drinking and dining, and escaping and entertainment. It stretches for 15 miles of glorious waterside living that feels miles from the average cityscape.

You could happily spend sunny afternoons on a glorious San Antonio river walk for years and never get tired of seeing the USA’s largest and most unique urban ecosystem.

  • San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The third stand-out thing to do is visit the stunning national historical park. Everyone comes for the Alamo, which is part of this park, but there is not much more. Missions San Juan and the rest of the five Spanish Frontier Missions offer important glimpses into America’s history.

If you are looking for other days out, you could visit the San Antonio Museum, the San Antonio Zoo or even go full Texas at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

Even if you are just interested in ways to spend your time without visiting attractions, you can absorb vivid art culture, eat fantastic food, and enjoy the San Antonio nightlife.

San Antonio National Historical Park

8: Pleasant Climate

San Antonio is a good spot for you if you are not a big fan of the cold. The summers are hot, dry, and humid, with average highs in the mid-90s. Even in winter, it rarely drops below 41.

You can expect around 220 days of sunshine in San Antonio each year and a measly average annual rainfall of just 33 inches. Snow is pretty much a myth in this city- there is usually none at all.

Although there is a risk factor for drought and storms, the city limits lie outside the notorious Tornado Alley. It means there is not the same alert level for extreme weather events as some nearby cities may experience.

You can expect close to year-round sunshine and heat with minimal rainfall other than the odd storm.

9: The Booming Sports Scene

Texas is synonymous with passionate sports culture, and San Antonio is no exception. You can expect the same high spirits, comradery, and general excitement that you find throughout the state- no matter what sport you are cheering for.

Whether it is the NBA and the Spurs, the San Antonio Missions in Minor League Baseball, Rampage in hockey, or San Antonio FC in soccer, you will never be far from the buzz of sports fans in this city.

10: A Perfect Combination of City Life and Country Living

San Antonio is a massive city, but it still has an undertone of Texas countryside, creating a welcoming, friendly environment that is missing in most major metropolitan areas.

If you want the benefits of living in a bustling, vibrant city but still want to feel the southern charm and worth of country-style Texas, you won’t find a better balance than San Antonio.


Anyone looking for an affordable city with plenty of employment opportunities and appealing features should consider moving to San Antonio.

As the fastest-growing city in South Texas, San Antonio attracts more people from across the country every year, and the vibrant, bustling lifestyle appeals to many walks of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth moving to San Antonio?

It is worth moving to San Antonio if you want a more manageable living cost in a big city.

Between the attractive neighborhoods, diverse and welcoming culture, and many beneficial amenities available, a move to San Antonio is worthwhile.

What salary do you need to live in San Antonio?

A salary of around $68,000 is enough to live comfortably in San Antonio, based on data analysis by SmartAsset. Thanks to low housing prices, utility costs, and taxes, you can enjoy a better lifestyle for less if you move to this city.

Is San Antonio a Good Place to Move to in Retirement?

A significant retired population and a robust community of older residents have moved to San Antonio for sunshine, affordable living, and superior health care.

It is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle with guaranteed good weather and enough going on to keep them active and engaged. Retirement in San Antonio sounds pretty good to us.

What is Traffic and Commuting Like in San Antonio?

Considering just how vast and highly populated it is, traffic in the city is surprisingly well-managed. Traffic is not too bad compared to other major Texas cities, such as Dallas and Houston.

The commute into the downtown district is around the same as the national average, at around 27 minutes. This is around the same as the figures for Dallas and Houston.

How accessible is San Antonio public transport?

Overall, the public transportation systems in San Antonio are not the best in the country, and cars are certainly the most popular way to get around.

Downtown San Antonio is bicycle-friendly, with hundreds of shared bikes available for rent throughout the central metro area.

The primary form of public transport is the city’s bus system, which connects the main zones with regular services and low-cost fares.

Should young families consider moving to San Antonio?

Yes, San Antonio is an excellent place to raise a family. Many kid-friendly neighborhoods have good schools and low crime rates so that you can enjoy the next chapter of life with peace of mind!

Some of the most popular areas for families are Olmo Park, Alamo Heights, and Terrell Hills.

Is it worth it to live in San Antonio, Texas?

If affordable housing, rich history, great food, and a melting pot of culture sound appealing, San Antonio life may be worth moving for.

San Antonio residents enjoy an excellent balance of city and country living at an affordable cost, with plenty of things to do, places to visit, and people to meet.