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3 Questions to Ask Your Movers Before Your Move

Once you decide to hire movers, your first question is probably going to be “How much is this going to cost?” Most customers want to make sure they can fit professional movers into their budget, and make sure they are getting a good deal. But there are a few other very important questions you should ask your moving company to ensure you are not only getting a great price, but great service as well.

The 3 questions to ask your movers

1. What are the extra costs?

When you ask for a quote, usually your movers will ask for things like the amount of furniture, an estimate of the number of boxes, if they are going up/down stairs, and the distance of the trip. But it’s important to find out about other charges. Is there a travel fee? What will the cost be if the movers go over their allotted time or need to bring an extra mover? Finding these things out before the move can help keep surprise charges to a minimum on your actual moving day.

2. What kind of licenses and insurance do you carry?

If you are moving from state to state, you’ll want to make sure your moving company is licensed for interstate moves. In addition, find out what kind of insurance your moving company carries. Will they be able to replace belongings that are broken or lost? What items are not included in their insurance? Some moving companies choose not to cover certain items, and those should be disclosed before your move.

3. Who’s doing the packing and loading?

Most moving companies can be hired to pack, load, and move your belongings.  Be sure to ask about the people handling your belongings. Are these employees of the company, or are they temporary employees? Will the insurance cover movers that are not full employees? IF you are packing your items yourself, ask about any types of materials or boxes that are preferred or not allowed. It would be pretty awful to find out the day of your move that the boxes you used are not allowed by your moving company.


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