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Are you planning to relocate a new hire, existing employee, or intern for work purposes? It’s best to source suitable candidates from other locations to remain competitive if you need top talent for your staff.

Relocating employees brings many benefits to companies, from better performance to boosted revenue. In addition, it reduces vacancies by improving employee retention and expanding the talent pool.

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However, different myths surround this practice. Is relocating an employee difficult? Do you have to invest a fortune to do that? Fortunately, with the help of the right moving company, it’s a straightforward process that will allow your company to reap several benefits!

Apple Moving’s professional and trained staff has provided customers with high-quality, affordable, and transparent services since 1991, becoming a trusted and recognized moving company.

From large management firms and multinational organizations with existing relocation programs to small businesses needing relocation assistance, we can help companies of all sizes move their employees.

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What Is Employee Relocation?

The search for a talented and qualified candidate has ended after dozens of interviews and screening processes. Someone has even accepted the job offer. However, their current location is an issue. What can you do?

When they’re perfect for the position but their current location stands between them and the start date, many potential employees consider moving to another city or overseas to join your company and work for you. This is where an employee relocation plan comes in.

Relocation is a standard business practice or a specialized employee benefit involving moving an existing or new employee to a new location.

Many employers rely on employee relocation, also known as global mobility or corporate relocation, as a talent acquisition management tool to expand their talent pool and optimize their workforce.

This practice can also be a hiring tool or an HR function to fill positions internally. Moreover, employers may offer relocation benefits to existing employees, new hires, or interns.

Employee relocation allows companies or organizations to source the best candidates from outside the city where they’re based. Since it offers different benefits to employers, global mobility also covers moving-related expenses.

Key Components of Employee Relocation

Employers have different options for structuring employee relocation packages or policies. However, most are based on the following components:

  • Moving employees to a new location
  • Moving employee’s families to a new location
  • Moving their household goods
  • Helping employees find permanent housing, whether buying or renting a property
  • Helping employees find and arrange short-term or temporary housing until they have permanent housing
  • Helping them arrange temporary storage of household goods, if necessary
  • Helping employees acclimate to a new location

Offering Flexible Relocation Benefits to Employees

Many corporate relocation policies are rigid and have defined benefits associated with each activity. However, modern and competitive companies offer more flexible options to their employees, allowing them to tailor their relocation to their particular situation.

While it often results in a positive relocation experience for employees and companies, offering flexible corporate relocation packages requires hard logistical work.

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Who will be responsible for helping employees move their household goods to a new location? What will happen to their belongings if they haven’t found a permanent residence? Whether it happens in their professional or personal life, moving always involves getting thousands of things done.

Fortunately, hiring an outsourced relocation company can help with the process! At Apple Moving, we have extensive experience in full-service, long-distance moves to several locations across the United States. Therefore, we can lend you a hand!

We understand that relocating an employee can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Fortunately, our team can support you every step of the way. We’re a licensed household goods carrier, and we can move your best candidates from one city or state to another, always offering a professional service.

A Promising, Big Industry

The employee relocation industry is worth a whopping $25 billion every year. Although it depends on each business, companies can spend over $16 million on these efforts.

Do you think companies would be paying huge sums if moving employees wasn’t worth it? According to the most recent US Census data, about 28 million people, or 8.4% of Americans, moved in 2021.

Figures showed that 13.5% of people in that group decided to move for work or education.

Many companies and organizations have taken advantage of these trends and the benefits of corporate relocation to make their businesses successful and achieve their goals.

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Benefits of Relocating Employees

There’s a fact that employers should consider: Job relocations not only benefit employees but also add value to companies in many ways.

In addition, relocating an employee offers much more than access to top talent for your company. Here are some benefits:

Widened Candidate Pool

Yes, that’s the first and primary benefit. If you need a talented and diverse workforce, finding suitable candidates for your vacant positions within the exact geographic location can be challenging.

However, when you expand your search beyond your current physical location to a nationwide or worldwide talent pool, you’ll have more candidates with enough experience and proper skills. That’s what corporate relocation allows you to do. Choosing the best one will be much easier!

Positive Brand Promotion

Many companies see relocation assistance as an employee benefit. However, it would be best to start looking at this practice from another perspective.

Comprehensive relocation packages attract more company candidates. Many people can use these programs to move to another city and find a new property.

However, offering relocation assistance to employees also speaks about your company or organization, showing that you care about your staff. It also adds value to your business, attracting more talent.

Reduced Vacancy

Offering a comprehensive relocation package to your employees will also open up the national and international market, helping you find a quality, qualified, and talented candidates.

As a result, you can fill vacant positions faster and more efficiently, bringing only the best experts to your company to boost operations and achieve goals.

Improved Employee Retention

When you offer a robust relocation package to your potential employees, you also give them a sense of commitment to your company.

Staff members who know their employer cares about them often stick around and do their best to help you meet your business goals. This increases employee retention and has a positive impact on your operations.

Knowledge Transfer

Moving new employees to your current location also means that you bring unique knowledge and skills that you probably don’t have.

Interacting with new people and bringing in new talent with innovative ideas and perspectives can strengthen any company and improve its functional capacity.

Securing the Industry’s Top Talent

Offering solid, high-quality relocation helps you secure the industry’s top talent, giving your company a competitive edge over other organizations and brands. Therefore, hiring experienced and reliable employee relocation firms is one of your best decisions.

From more knowledge and better ideas to access to a broader talent tool and reduced vacancy, you’ll reap many long-term benefits if you support your employees in their relocation or moving processes.

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Why Companies Decide to Relocate an Employee

Corporate relocation occurs when you move new or existing employees to a new location, often enticing them with different benefits to make the process more affordable and smoother.

However, there’s another question about this practice. Who can relocate an employee? When is it necessary?

Essentially, any company can relocate its employees and reap all related benefits to boost its business. However, it’s a common choice between the following:

  • An organization that is set to open a new location
  • A company that needs to fill an open position in another location
  • An organization that offers career development opportunities
  • A company that needs to transfer talent to optimize operations in another location
  • And more

In any scenario, Apple Moving can be your best ally! We offer our customers local and long-distance moving services, committing ourselves to quality and transparency.

Whether your employees need to move to another town or across the country, our skilled, professional team will help them get moved on time to help you keep your company running smoothly.

In addition, we operate with the proper insurance and licensing, offering legitimate services at excellent prices to all companies that trust us.

Apple Moving has served over 7,420 customers, offering affordable prices for high-quality, 24-hour support.

Employee Relocation Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

The costs to relocate employees depend on different factors. If the candidate is a homeowner, you would have to pay more than if they were rental tenants.

Costs can also vary based on the employees’ status. Do you need to relocate an existing staff member or a new hire?

An average relocation package costs around $24,200 for existing employees or transferees who are renters. If they’re homeowners, the price can be around $97,100.

Furthermore, average costs to relocate a new hire range between $19,300 for renters and $72,600 for homeowners.

However, there are multiple considerations in determining costs. Also, one relocation management company may charge more than another.

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Common Fees Included in a Corporate Relocation Package

A relocation invoice doesn’t usually include a single sum but different fees. Although our services are affordable, we want to be 100% transparent with our clients.

To help you understand what our costs include and negotiate a reasonable contract if you want to hire us, we’ll unveil a list of common fees people pay for these services:

What an Employee Relocation Policy Often Covers

Typical relocation policies or packages cover the following:

  • The cost of moving
  • Temporary housing
  • Household goods and furniture storage
  • House hunting costs
  • Travel costs of the employee and their families, if applicable, from their current destination to the new location
  • Financial costs related to selling a home or breaking a lease agreement
  • Costs for helping employees assimilate into new communities
  • Transporting pets
  • Staff support
  • Spousal employment assistance
  • School location assistance
  • Integration
  • Cultural assistance

Employers building a relocation policy should consider what suits their business and what suits their needs. Also, it is essential to understand that no single package will suit all employees.

Therefore, more companies and organizations are looking for customizable options to offer flexible packages to their employees and attract more talent while benefiting their operations.

How Much Does Apple Moving Charge?

Do you want to know how much you should pay using Apple Moving’s employee relocation services? We believe in transparent and honest pricing! From the beginning, our customers get a quote as accurate and detailed as possible.

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Furthermore, we’re committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Since 1991, we have offered some of the most affordable and accessible local and long-distance moving rates in the US.

If you want to check our prices, you can request a free quote! You only have to give us five minutes or less to complete this form.

After that, our consultants will give you an honest and affordable quote with no hidden fees to help you budget accurately and reap all the benefits of employee relocation.

Although these services aren’t cheap, our prices are affordable and accessible to most companies and organizations. Please request a free quote and call us today to answer all your questions about our fee structure.

Different Types of Relocation Packages

Relocating employees to a new city or state doesn’t require a single solution. Employers often offer different packages tailored to the needs of their new hires or existing staff members.

These are the four most common types of corporate relocation packages:

  • Lump Sum Package

Also known as “cash-only payment,” it’s the most straightforward option and can help you save time. However, it doesn’t consistently achieve the best results.

While lump sums help employees with moving expenses, many try to keep relocation costs down and make bad decisions. Therefore, many companies stopped offering these packages.

  • Tiered Packages

These relocation packages have become quite popular because they are cost-effective for businesses. Additionally, each option matches the employee’s circumstances, needs, and seniority level.

When companies offer these packages to their employees, they also consider whether the relocation is domestic or international or if they should relocate entire families.

  • Managed Budget Packages

Also known as “capped allowance,” many businesses use this model to set a limited amount they’re willing to spend to cover relocation expenses.

This approach is common when business owners and managers hire an employee relocation supplier to take care of their employees’ move. They set a ballpark figure and relocation budget, benefiting their accounting teams greatly.

  • Fully Covered Relocation Packages

These packages are the favorites of companies that want to offer a relocation policy to higher-level employees. Unlike the other alternatives, they can incur high and unpredictable costs.

In these cases, hiring relocation experts is best, especially if companies want to avoid unnecessary relocation costs and limit their budgets.

Challenges That May Affect the Employee Relocation Process

Starting afresh in a new town, city, or state is time-consuming. Employees often struggle with different challenges and fear ending up in failure. Therefore, employers must try to provide robust, comprehensive relocation assistance.

Overall, these are the challenges that can affect the relocation process:

Complex Logistics

Buying a plane ticket and taking a flight to a different city or state is more accessible than all the other things you need to do to move your employees.

Besides handling paperwork or permits and ensuring your employees are licensed to work at your location, if necessary, you should also consider tax policies or how your company will handle expenses.

Also, if problems arise during the move, the risk of failure increases, as employees won’t be completely comfortable with the process.

Length of Service

Are you relocating an employee for a long-term position or a fixed-term service contract? Answering that question is essential to determine the benefits and type of policies you should offer.

Poor Assistance

Employees must handle too many things when moving to another city, especially if it involves their families. Plus, there’s the emotional burden associated with starting from scratch.

However, companies that offer a comprehensive employee relocation package can help their new hires or existing staff members to better deal with the process and be successful.

Acclimation Issues

It’s no secret that acclimating and making new friends is difficult for many adults. That’s why a local and global relocation program might fail and leave a costly impact.

However, with a robust relocation policy, your employees can connect with colleagues residing in the same area, join different communities, and learn more about the local culture.

How Apple Moving Can Help

Moving from one location to another is exciting, but it’s not always easy. Employees often face different personal and professional challenges. In addition, logistical issues could emerge.

However, offering comprehensive relocation packages can help reduce the risk of failure.

At Apple Moving, we offer full guidance and different options for companies that need support to relocate their employees. Our moving coordinators can assist you through the process to help you pick the best solutions and options for your business.

Apple Moving Services

These are some of the quality moving services we offer to companies and their employees:

Packing and Unpacking

Our experts can handle the packing, unpacking, and organization tasks while your employees focus on paperwork and other important things.

Disassembly and Reassembly

If your employees are concerned about their mounted appliances, bed frames, and more, we can lend them a hand!


Do your employees need temporary storage for their goods? We have the best option!

Local Movers

We can move all your employees’ household goods and appliances and get them ready to start a new journey in an exciting location in no time.


Do you want your employees to have everything they need for the move? We offer boxes, labels, checklists, bubble wrap, and more.

Why Choose Apple Moving

We’re a full-service company with extensive expertise and the right tools to handle any move. Apple Moving’s team always goes to great lengths to ensure your employees receive top-class moving services and that their belongings are safe.

Plus, there are many other reasons why you should consider our services! These are some of them:

  • Dedicated customer service
  • Impressive customer reviews supporting our commitment to offering first-class services
  • Award-winning team with professional, knowledgeable, and courteous experts
  • Top-notch moving experience in different US states
  • Optimum care and safety when handling your employees’ belongings
  • Full assistance to make their move easier and more efficient
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about our services? Find more information here!

What Does Relocation Mean When It Comes to Employment?

Relocating an employee means a company moves a new hire or existing staff member to another location. It’s a resource that organizations and businesses use to access more talent or candidates with impressive resumes that aren’t available at their current location.

Employee relocation occurs when a company moves a worker to a new city, state, or country. However, those employees remain associated with the firm or business.

How's the Relocation Process?

An employer (new or existing) offers relocation packages to new hires or current employees to help them move to a new city, state, or country, depending on the company’s needs.

The process involves visiting the new city to look for properties and learn about the culture. After that, it’s time to buy the tickets and get help from a moving company to start packing.

What Is the Average Cost for the Relocation of an Employee?

The average employee relocation can cost anywhere from $19,000 to $100,00, depending on several factors, including the employee’s seniority level, whether the family is also moving, what the package includes, and more.

How Much Does a Normal Relocation Package Cost?

A typical relocation package for a new hire can cost around $19,000 if they’re renters or slightly over $70,000 if they’re homeowners.