Commercial Moving

There are many reasons to consider a commercial relocation. You may have started with a small space and must expand now, or you might choose to find a more centralized location. Regardless, business moving can pose many challenges.

Business owners often worry about downtime and want to minimize that as much as possible. That’s why you need office moving companies that care about you.

We understand you must maintain a functional business to keep up with your bottom line. Therefore, we handle all your tasks and provide commercial moving services that meet your needs. You’re focused on running your business and satisfying customers; our business moving company does the rest!

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Our Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving companies must offer various services to their clients, and we make sure that it’s efficient and straightforward for your office relocation.

Here are our services:

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Office Furniture Installation and Moving

Most companies have bulky office furniture, such as desks, cubicles, conference tables, chairs, and whole workstations. Moving those things is often challenging, but our team has the right equipment for office moving. Therefore, your items arrive at the new business location safe and sound.

We can also disassemble and pack each piece properly, reinstalling them at the new location. Our team will arrange the furniture using a pre-determined floor plan for the best outcome possible. Your office space will look just how you want it!

Office Equipment Moving

Commercial movers are the ones who help you pack and load up your electronic equipment, IT equipment, computers, filing cabinets, and all the rest. These are significant investments for your brand, so having a business moving team who cares is crucial.

We have the skills to handle your business equipment easily and make your office relocation much easier!

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Warehousing and Commercial Storage

Some companies need long- or short-term commercial storage during their renovations or moves, and that’s no problem with Apple Moving. We offer warehouse storage services to securely and safely store documents, office furniture, excess inventory, and everything else! Our moving company does it all!

Corporate Headquarters Moving

Apple Moving started as a residential company, so we understand what to do. However, we’ve shifted into commercial relocation to ensure you can easily transition to your new space. Whether you’re relocating a team or one employee, we offer affordable services to make this adjustment easier for everyone!

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Office Decommissioning

Commercial lease agreements often require the tenants to restore that space to its original condition when they move out. This means clearing out the cables, equipment, and furniture. Removing racks, computers, and unwanted items is often more challenging than you realize, but our office moving team can properly decommission an office.

Plus, we will help you liquidate or donate any unwanted items, throw the trash away, and complete a final sweep before handing over your keys.

Long-distance Moving

Are you relocating the office to another state or city? Our professional commercial movers are licensed interstate movers, as well. Therefore, we ensure the move goes well, even if you’re going thousands of miles from your current location!

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Local Moves

Whether the commercial relocation takes you a few floors away from your current space or to an entirely new building in another town, we have office movers at locations nationwide to make it a success! Contact one of our business movers today for assistance!


Proper packing is crucial to protect your items while they travel, but it will also make setting up your new space easier. We offer crates and labeling systems for employees, and packing slips keep everything organized!

Our commercial movers can pack, wrap, and pad large items like equipment and furniture. Plus, we custom-crate televisions, desktop computers, and other delicate things.

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Full-service Commercial Movers

When you work with us, the commercial movers offer everything you’ll need from start to finish. We understand commercial moves better than anyone else and are with you each step of the way to ensure a smooth transition. Find out more about what we do below:

Coordination for the Pre-Move

Business relocation requires many people, so it’s crucial to have one person overseeing the logistics of your office move. You’ll work with a coordinator to keep everything on track for success. During this phase, our coordinator discusses your needs to determine how to serve you.

Management of the Move

You need the plan to have a successful move! Before the big day, your coordinator will build a customized strategy to keep everything on budget and pace. Your commercial mover will work on a schedule, review the layout of your new space, and provide moving tips and checklists for you!

You can count on our industry experience; we offer the best commercial relocation services!

Moving Day Assistance

On the day of the move, you’ll see the office movers show up ready to work. The onsite coordinator manages the logistics of everything, so it all goes according to the plan. We will help you label and seal the crates, take apart the workspaces, and deal with all aspects of the moving process to make it stress-free!

Setup and Installation

We know you’re anxious to return to your business operations, so our team will set up everything, including the office chairs and conference tables, based on your pre-determined layout. Likewise, we can install the cubicles and workstations and will work with the IT team to get you up and running!

Reasons to Consider Apple Moving for Commercial Moving Services

There are many reasons to choose us for your commercial relocation services. Here are a few of them:

  • Honest Pricing – You’ve got a moving budget that you must stick to, and we provide free quotes and straightforward pricing without hidden fees!
  • Experience – We’ve got decades of moving experience and have helped various businesses, both big and small. Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and training to offer specialized services and complete the task efficiently.
  • Coordination – You’ll work with a move manager to coordinate with the IT department and other essential teams.
  • After-Hours – Our relocation services can help you get your office ready to go by Monday. This often means our team works late or on the weekends, so there’s no hiccup later.
  • Flexibility – We understand commercial lease issues and will ensure the move fully complies with your signed agreement.
  • Insured – Some buildings require special permits or movers with a certificate of insurance. We are fully insured!
  • Licensed – Our company maintains federal- and state-mandated licensure, so we have appropriate credentials required.


What Is a Commercial Move?

A commercial move often involves transporting electronic equipment, such as water coolers, fax machines, scanners, photocopiers, and printers. There are often more things that must go, and they’re delicate.

What Is a Moving Business Called?

There are many names used for a moving business, including:

  • Office movers
  • Removalist
  • Van line
  • Carrier
  • Moving company
  • Commercial movers

Why Choose Our Commercial Moving Company

Our team is here to ensure that your office move goes smoothly, regardless of where you are or where you’re going. We offer all the services you’ll need to complete the transition. Plus, we’re licensed and insured.

Are you ready to experience what Apple Moving offers? Request your free quote today!