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A Round Up of Great Packing/Moving Tips

There is not enough room in this post to break down the craziness of moving. Between getting rid of the old stuff, packing things safely while conserving space, and organizing so you can find your stuff in the new place, it is a big job and can be a real nightmare. We’ve learned a lot of great packing and moving tips over the years, and we wanted to share some of our finds with you.

Moving tip with red tape

We all know that the whole house won’t be unpacked in 1-2 days. Make your important “must have” items stand out with some red tape. You’ll be able to about your daily routines with the things you need, and unpack on your own schedule…… without wondering if you’ll ever find your hair dryer or coffee maker.

moving supply caddy

This post is full of great moving tips. The one pictures above says “Put all of your packing supplies in one place that you can tote with you as you pack. It seriously is the best tip I found (I tried to find the original source with this brilliant idea but I couldn’t find it!). I made sure to put packing tape, duct tape, scissors, labels, and sharpies in my basket. Make this even easier and get retractable sharpies so you do not have to worry about finding the cap. ” Read all of their advice at Pink Lips and Teaching Tips.

dresses in trash bags

This post has 10 moving tips, and some great resources, like a printable moving plan. The one pictured above says ” Use garbage bags to cover your clothes and keep them clean. They come in all different sizes and will help your clothes stay on the hanger. Simply put a hole in the bottom of the bag and pull the hangers through. Then tie a knot on the bottom.” Read the rest of the post here on I Heart Naptime.

change of address checklist

This post is a great reminder that there’s a lot more to moving than just packing your stuff. Get all of her tips as well as a printable version of the list above on Ask Anna Moseley.

Do you have any great moving tips to share? 

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