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Closet Storage Ideas | Tips for Organizing a Small Space

When moving into a new home, start your organization off on the right foot by taking the time to organize your closet correctly. Not only will this save you time when searching for clothes and accessories, but it will also make your space feel more like home. To get the most out of these closet storage tips and tricks, donate or throw out any clothes you do not wear anymore before moving.

1. Sort Clothes Effectively

If your new closet does not have a built-in organizing system, purchasing your own is an excellent start to closet organization. You choose the best pieces to fit your needs, and the system helps you keep each item in its place.

Once your organization system is in place, sort your clothes by the type of garment and color. This simple step makes everything easier to find and helps you see what your wardrobe may be lacking. If you do not have space in your closet to put all of the clothes you own, consider storing out-of-season clothes in plastic bins.

To keep track of the clothes, you do not wear, turn your hangers backward. Once you wear an item, flip the hanger the right way. This trick allows you to see right away what clothes need to be donated or thrown away next time you clean out your closet.

2. Use the Proper Hangers

To prevent clothes falling from hangers and getting lost for months, use huggable hangers or convert your wooden hangers by adding a no-slip attachment. If you have extra room in your closet, adding hanger spacers allows you to keep some space between clothing for easy accessibility. To minimize the time spent searching for the right shirt or pants, consider placing dividers with labels on your rods.

3. Stack Your Shoes

Just like when you organize your clothes, sort your shoes by type and color so you can easily find the perfect pair of shoes for each outfit. To maximize closet storage space, use a stackable shoe rack or tension rods for storing shoes. To prevent your boots from folding over and ruining your shoe organization, place rolled up magazines inside each boot, or use a special boot rack that allows you to hang your boots up.

Another option for shoe organization is an over the door organizer to put sneakers, flats, and flip-flops. If you prefer to hide your shoes, you can buy a fabric version, or, if you want to see your shoes, go with a clear plastic organizer.

4. Store Accessories for Easy Access

To help maintain your bags and purses, keep them on high shelves separated by dividers, or use a purse hanger. Add bubble wrap to the inside to help the bags hold their shape when not in use.

Keep other accessories, like scarves, belts, and hats, in separate plastic bins that you can search through quickly. If you lack shelf space, use a belt and scarf hanger instead.

Following these tips from our professional movers will help you maximize minimal closet space. For additional moving help, contact Apple Moving to find out more about our services and moving rates.