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How To Calculate The Right Sized Storage Unit for Your Household

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When moving, you may find you have a need for a storage unit. But what size storage unit will fit your needs and budget? The experienced Apple Moving team can help you determine what size storage unit you need to rent with a few simple tips.

How To Choose Your Storage Unit

There are many different reasons you may need to rent a storage unit at some point during your move. If you’re moving into a smaller home or need to store the contents of your household until your new home is ready, a storage unit is the solution! Choosing the right-sized storage unit will allow you to maximize your budget and streamline your move.

Available Storage Options

Storage units are typically available in small (3×3/5×5), medium (10×10) and large (10×30). The monthly rental fee can vary drastically between a small and a large storage unit, so it’s important to choose the right one for your belongings. Some storage unit facilities will have smaller storage options, such as storage lockers, and some will have larger options for storage of larger items, like recreational vehicles.

Inventory the Contents of Your Household

The first thing you’ll want to do when determining the size of your storage unit is take an accurate inventory of the items you’ll want to store. How much stuff you have directly determines the size storage unit you’ll need.

Begin by taking note of any large items of furniture. If you need to store major appliances, like a refrigerator, you’ll need a medium or large storage unit. You’ll need a medium storage unit if you have items of furniture over 10 feet in width or length. If you have items over 15 feet in length or width, you’ll need to upgrade to a large storage unit.

After you’ve taken stock of the large furniture items, count how many boxes you have and take note of their sizes. Next, make sure to note any small furniture items, such as lamps, bedside tables, or artwork.

Calculate Your Measurements

There are several ways to determine the measurements of the total size of the household items you’ll need to store. You can organize all items into one large pile, or grouping, and use a measuring tape or yardstick to get as close a measurement as possible. You can also measure each item of furniture and each box and add them together.

Choose a Storage Unit Size

There are a wide variety of sizes of storage units available. Most storage unit measurements are available in square feet and cubic feet. You can determine the square footage of your items by calculating the length and width and multiplying those together. For cubic footage, multiply length, width and height.

Small storage units can usually hold 25-50 square feet, or 200-400 cubic feet of household goods. Medium storage units can accommodate 75-150 square feet, or 600-1,200 cubic feet. Standard large sized storage units can store 200-300 square feet, or 1,600-2,400 cubic feet. If you need a larger amount of storage space, contact the facility you’ve chosen and inquire about availability. Often, storage facilities will have several unadvertised available spaces that could fit your exact needs.

The Right Storage Facility For You

Once you’ve determined which size storage unit is right for your needs, you’ll need to choose a storage facility that is conveniently located, and has the right sized storage unit available. We recommend talking to friends and neighbors to get a solid referral for a safe, professional storage facility. If you’re going to do a web search, be sure to thoroughly read through reviews and comments for each potential storage rental facility. Be sure to compare the availability and cost of at least 3-4 different storage facilities.

It’s always prudent to pay a visit to the storage facility prior to renting a unit. You can measure your desired unit first hand to determine that your household items will fit. You can also meet the facility manager, assess accessibility and safety, and discover additional services the storage facility may provide.

Moving Made Easy

Once you’ve determined what size storage unit you need and which facility is best, call Apple Moving. We can help you pack up and get your items safely to the storage unit of your choice. When you’re ready to move out of the storage unit and into your new home, we’ll be happy to assist you.

At Apple Moving, we want to decrease the amount of stress you experience when moving into a new home. Our experienced moving team has been trusted by thousands of households to pack, store, and move their treasured possessions across the country. Call us today and one of our knowledgeable moving professionals will help you begin your moving journey!