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How to Pick the Right Moving Company for a Household Move

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you want a company that can safely and securely transport the contents of your household to their new home. Packing up your household for any move is a huge undertaking. You’ll likely spend hours organizing, sorting, and carefully packing your treasured belongings. Reduce the stress of moving by hiring a trustworthy moving company.

Simple Steps To Help You Choose a Reputable Moving Company

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It’s absolutely worth spending a little extra time vetting moving companies. Doing your research can potentially save you from hidden fees, damaged or misplaced goods, and unlicensed movers. At Apple Moving, we’ve moved thousands of households across the United States. We’ve compiled some simple tips from our years of experience to help guide you to a professional and experienced moving company.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a moving company. Getting a feel for a moving company’s reputation will go a long way in helping you make a decision. A great way to find verifiable information is to speak with friends, family, and coworkers about their experiences with moving companies they’ve used. Personal recommendations are still the best way to find reputable movers.

If you’re searching for a moving company on the internet, be sure to read current reviews. This should include independent reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews.

Go Local

A quick internet search will show you both local and national moving companies that can assist with your move. Whether local or national, it’s best to choose a moving company that has a local office. It’s worth your time to take a drive down to the business location to check out available moving equipment and supplies.

You can take this time to introduce yourself to the office manager and get an in-person explanation of the moving company’s experience, services they offer, and even a moving estimate. Consider asking the following questions during your visit:

  • What’s your moving registration/license number?
  • Are there additional or hidden fees to be aware of?
  • Do you use subcontractors or do you have permanent staff?
  • Are there additional transfers?
  • Do you offer moving insurance?
  • Do you provide packing or storage services and supplies?
  • How do your moving company handle complaints and claims?

Moving Estimates

When investigating moving companies, it’s important to get a moving estimate. You should secure at least three estimates from three different moving companies before making your final decision. Make sure the estimates you receive are inclusive of all costs and fees associated with your move.

A comprehensive moving estimate should be done in person – or virtually via video chat. If a moving company does not provide you with this type of estimate, you should consider this a red flag. All reputable moving companies will want to have an accurate assessment of the contents of your home. This allows them to give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your move.

Licensed Movers

Whether your move is in-town or out-of-state, you’ll want to verify that the moving company you choose has all the proper licensing. Local moving licensing varies from state to state. Thirty-three states in the U.S. require movers to maintain current licensing. Check the requirements of your state before booking your move with any moving company.

If your move takes you to a new state, your movers must be federally licensed through the Department of Transportation. You can verify a moving company’s license at protectyourmove.gov, which also provides other useful moving tips and resources.

Moving Deposit

No reputable moving company will ask you for a cash deposit up front. Typically, moving companies will require a deposit of around 20% of the total cost of your move. If you’re dealing with a professional company, they will gladly accept a credit card for payment. A credit card deposit will also protect you if you experience problems with your movers.

If you do have the unfortunate experience of hiring a predatory moving company, there are resources to help. If a local mover holds your belongings and requires you to pay additional fees to release them, consider contacting the local authorities for help. If you experience problems with a national move, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Safe & Secure Moving with Apple Moving

At Apple Moving, we pride ourselves on our reputation. We’re dedicated to maintaining transparency with no hidden fees. Our professional and experienced movers will help you with every aspect of your move, ensuring your household is transported safely to its new home. To drastically reduce the stress of moving, call Apple Moving today!