Holiday Moving Merges Into Apple Moving

We’re proud to announce that Holiday Moving El Paso is now part of the Apple Moving family of great Texas moving companies! We have owned and have been operating Holiday Moving for the past 4 years, so not much is changing except the name. Apple Moving is one of the longest running moving companies in Texas and we are proud to be able to take the recognizable Apple Moving name out to west Texas.

What does this mean for our longtime valued Holiday Moving customers…. Well not much really! We promise! You can still expect to receive the same 5-star moving service that you’ve come to expect. You can still expect to hear the same friendly voices on the phone when you call our local El Paso office. And most importantly, you can still expect the same great team of professionally trained Holiday movers to show up on moving day! The service is the same… it’s just a new name!

The state of Texas

Apple Moving
1111 Vista De Oro Dr
El Paso, TX 79935
(915) 598-5473

Formerly: Holiday Moving & Storage El Paso

Move Easy. Move Happy. Move with Apple Moving.

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