Moving Checklist For Fayetteville, NC

A well-planned move is a happy and exciting time. Staying organized can help you have a great moving experience. This moving checklist will help you get organized and stay on-track for a smooth and successful move to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Choosing Where To Live In Fayetteville, NC

Here is a list of steps to assist you in determining where to search for your new home in Fayetteville.

Hire Movers And Prepare For Your Move

  • Declutter your home, so that you do not waste time and resources moving items that you do not need or want.
  • Hire an experienced and reputable moving company to help you move. At Apple Moving, Fayetteville, NC, we can help you with every step of your move:
    • Boxes and packing materials
    • Organizing and packing services 
    • Unloading and unpacking services
  • Here is a list of Fayetteville self-storage locations if you will need extra storage space.
  • Set aside the items that will travel with you.
  • Gather (or electronically transfer) important records from doctors, schools, and veterinarians.

After You Move To Fayetteville

  • Update your address with the USPS.
  • Have your Fayetteville utilities turned on:
  • Update your property (owner or renter) insurance for your new home.
  • Inform financial institutions (loans, credit cards, ect) of your new address.
  • Inform other insurance companies (life, health, auto, etc) of your new address.
  • Get your North Carolina ID and car vehicle license plates at one of the Fayetteville DMV locations.
  • Register to vote in Fayetteville.

To ease the stress of moving, hire Apple Moving to move you to or from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Let us do the heavy lifting while you relax and get to know all that your new home and neighborhood has to offer!

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