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12 Things to Know Before Moving to San Antonio

As one of the US’s fastest growing and most densely populated cities, many people want to live in the historic and beautiful San Antonio. From being one of the most relaxing to affordable and safe cities, it’s no surprise that many people plan to move to San Antonio, Texas. It’s a fantastic area for young professionals, families, and the elderly. When moving to San Antonio, you can expect delicious food, a homey atmosphere, and cultural diversity.

While there are so many fantastic reasons to move to San Antonio, there are a few things you need to know before making your final decision. Let’s look at what you need to know about San Antonio life!

skyline of San Antonio in night time

The San Antonio Riverwalk Is Beautiful

While there are many attractions in San Antonio, the San Antonio River Walk has to be one of the top options. It is located in the city’s heart and is close to various restaurants, shops, and entertainment areas.

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a public park that attracts millions of visitors annually. It is the largest ecosystem in the US and spans 15 miles along the San Antonio River.

If you’re looking for an adventurous day with friends and family, we highly recommend the Riverwalk. You’re free to relax on a boat or take a stroll along the river. Plus, it’s close to the Alamo, which is ideal if you’re looking for a fun night out! Make sure to explore the river’s upper end to see what it has to offer. Just remember, no swimming in the water.

The Riverwalk has become a symbol of the beautiful city; therefore, it’s a must-see if you’re planning on making this your home. Some of the most popular places along the San Antonio Riverwalk are:

  • Rivercenter Mall
  • Museum Reach San Antonio
  • Boudro’s on the Riverwalk
  • Esquire Tavern

There is an Affordable Cost of Living

San Antonio is said to have a cost of living 14% lower than the national average. Therefore, it’s one of the most affordable options if you’re looking for a place to live. If you’re interested in living in Texas, San Antonio is cheaper than Dallas and Austin.

Before planning a big move, having a budget is essential. San Antonio residents need an average salary of approximately $46,000 to live comfortably in this city. Texas also doesn’t charge a state income tax, meaning you can expect to save even more money.

However, that being said, sales taxes and property taxes in San Antonio are considered to be slightly on the higher side. Fortunately, housing prices are on the lower end of the spectrum compared to many other Texas cities.

San Antonio Is a Big and Populous City

San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the US, home to more than 1.4 million residents. When it comes to physical size, the San Antonio metro area is approximately 500 square miles, meaning there’s plenty of space for housing and other developments.

Whether you’re interested in an apartment or a beautiful family home, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in one of the many neighborhoods.

people crossing the streets

The Job Market Is Booming

San Antonio has been experiencing massive change and growth mainly because of the economic boom. Many thriving industries include hospitality, healthcare, bioscience, tourism, renewable energy, and manufacturing.

Furthermore, the city is home to many well-established and global companies, such as Toyota, USAA, Southwest Research Institute, the Northside Independent School District, and Valero Energy Corporation.

The unemployment rate is also lower than the national average in San Antonio, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to find a job if you’re planning a move.

There Are Many Attractions

From the San Antonio Zoo to SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta, Aquatica, Morgan’s Wonderland, and more, there are so many exciting activities for the whole family in San Antonio. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is also held every February, where many people gather to enjoy the live music, shows, entertainment, and good food. San Antonio is also known for being quite a diverse, artsy, and cultural city, so there are many theaters and museums to enjoy.

Some of the attractions you simply have to visit are:

  • Historic Market Square: Many local eateries and specialty shops exist at this marketplace and outdoor plaza.
  • Natural Bridge Taverns: This is a great place to explore and is known as the most significant commercial tavern in Texas, reaching 180 feet below the surface.
  • Tower of the Americans: If you want to see the city’s beautiful views, this 750-foot tower will provide that. The revolving eatery is an added bonus.
  • Brackenridge Park: If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, this 343-acre park is a fantastic option.
  • San Fernando Cathedral: This Roman Catholic cathedral, opened in 1750, is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in the US and is located in Downtown San Antonio. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • San Antonio Missions National Historical Park: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with five Spanish Frontier missions.

San Antonio Is the Military City

In San Antonio, you can expect to see men and women in uniform. The Joint Base San Antonio consists of four military bases; therefore, the city has many primary military operations. The four military bases are:

  • Camp Bullis
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Lackland Air Force Base
  • Randolph Air Force Base

According to the City of San Antonio, these four bases are 35 million square feet in facilities and 46,539 acres of land. Joint Base San Antonio is also the largest employer in the city, with more than 80,000 workers.

people in military suit marching

Geographically, San Antonio Is In South Texas

Many people tend to classify San Antonio as being in Central Texas or South Central Texas. However, San Antonio is located in South Texas. However, there is talk of Austin and San Antonio merging to become a metroplex.

Did you know San Antonio was once a part of Mexico? Therefore, the Mexican ties are still quite strong and filter through the cuisine, architecture, and annual celebrations, such as Dia de los Muertos and Fiesta San Antonio.

There Are Various Colleges

San Antonio has many universities, two-year colleges, and private colleges. There are many highly regarded and prestigious schools, such as:

  • The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Trinity University
  • San Antonio College
  • St. Mary’s University of San Antonio
  • University of the Incarnate Word
  • Texas Lutheran University
  • Our Lady of the Lake University
  • University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Texas A&M San Antonio

In 2021, San Antonio College won the $1 million Aspen Prize, making it the first college in Texas to win the award. Furthermore, San Antonio College is a member of the Alamo Colleges, a prestigious group of two-year programs offered in five schools in the city, including Palo Alto College, St. Phillip’s College, Northeast Lakeview College, and Northwest Vista College.

San Antonio Has a Few Nicknames

From the Alamo City to Saytown, Ol’ San Antone, Military City, and the 2-1-0, San Antonio residents and tourists have many names for the city. Don’t get confused the next time you’re talking about moving to San Antonio and hear one of these names pop up.

San Antonio Has Wonderful Weather

If you’re not a fan of the bitter cold, you’ll be happy to hear that San Antonio has hot summers and mild winters. You can expect scorching temperatures of up to 94 degrees Fahrenheit in July. However, during winter, you can expect temperatures to dip to approximately 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The most pleasant months of the year are probably April, October, and November. However, you can expect more sunny days than anything else.

San Antonio does not get much rain. It gets about 33 inches annually, below the national average of 38 inches.

skyline of San Antonio during daytime

San Antonio Has Some of the Most Affordable Housing Options in Texas

San Antonio offers some of the most affordable housing options in Texas. However, with that being said, prices are still increasing. Since the pandemic, many US cities have seen an increase in home prices. In Texas specifically, Austin had the most significant increase, with San Antonio coming in second.

That said, compared to other cities, such as Austin and Dallas, San Antonio is still a much more affordable option. Fortunately, San Antonio is undergoing an economic boom, which is expected to continue. This means the city will flourish business-wise and attract new companies and people. Therefore, you can expect your San Antonio home purchase to be a good investment.

The Food Is Great

While there is a wide range of good food, San Antonio is known for its delicious tacos. You can expect to find many fantastic food spots around the city. La Fonda on Main and Mi Tierra Cafe y Panderia are popular spots many visitors love. Whether you’re looking for a simple sandwich, fried chicken, seafood, Vietnamese, or something more comforting and homey, you’ll indeed find a restaurant you can’t get enough of. If you’re moving your whole family to the city, There’s something for you, your significant other, and your children.

In 2022, Reese Bros Barbecue was named Bon Appetit’s famous Best New Restaurants title, and San Antonio received seven semi-finality nominations for the James Beard Awards.

Final Verdict

San Antonio, Texas, is a great place to live that will surely make you and your family very happy. While it’s a popular tourist destination because of its various attractions, it’s also a wonderful place to settle down and live a comfortable life.

With its lovely weather and low cost of living, you should feel right at home. Plus, many fantastic neighborhoods are suitable for different lifestyles. If you’re ready to move, research and contact an expert to find the best neighborhood and property for you. You’ll surely find your dream home!


Is It Worth Moving to San Antonio?

While this answer will depend on your circumstances, moving to San Antonio is worth it! This city offers many wonderful things and provides the amenities and facilities for different lifestyles. You should enjoy the food, culture, and people in San Antonio, and it shouldn’t be challenging to find a job and affordable property. Overall, moving to San Antonio has many benefits.

How Much Do You Need to Live Comfortably in San Antonio?

Fortunately, San Antonio has a much lower cost of living than many other cities in the US. To live comfortably in this city, you should aim for an annual salary of approximately $46,000. This will cover your groceries, transport expenses, housing, and entertainment. However, if you have children and need to pay for school or college, you should budget more than this. Remember that costs will also increase with additional expenses such as healthcare.

Are People Still Moving to San Antonio?

Yes, people are still moving to this diverse city as it continues to experience population growth. This is due to a number of factors, such as the diverse and ever-expanding job market, lower cost of living, and many attractions.

What Are the Benefits of Moving to San Antonio, Texas?

People living in San Antonio have many great things to say about the city. One of the main selling points is the low cost of living, especially when compared to many other US cities. However, San Antonio has much more to offer: a friendly and welcoming community, a diverse and rich history, and an expanding job market. San Antonio Zoo and the Riverwalk are also major selling points.