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Guide to Finding Packing Help for Seniors – What You Should Know

Whether relocating to be with your family, switching to an assisted living facility, or downsizing, moving later in life can be quite overwhelming. You have to think about packing and moving the larger furniture pieces, and you may also be worrying about how to downsize into a smaller place. Therefore, it’s crucial to find senior moving services that can make this life event less stressful.

There are various moving companies out there that specialize in helping senior family members. You might have to ask for those services, but you’ll be glad you did. In fact, the best solutions are those that will help you downsize, organize things in the new place, and pack/unpack your items. Let’s learn more about brands that assist with senior moves.

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What to Think About When Choosing Senior Moving Services

Seniors must go beyond a simple online search for moving services near them. Cancellation policies, full-service options, and the service area are a few factors to focus on when selecting the best senior moving services.

Here are the things to consider when looking for the best movers:

Service Area and Moving Distance

If you need help moving, you should start searching for local moving companies that serve your current location and the area of the new residence. Sometimes, moving services for senior citizens will handle moves anywhere in the country, and others only work more locally. Likewise, some moving services will accommodate international moves.

Typically, local moves are those that are 50 miles apart or less. Anything else is considered long-distance; if you’re moving to another country, you’ll require international services.

Labor-Only or Full-Service Moving Companies

It’s also important to consider what you’ll need when hiring a senior moving service. Typically, a labor-only option will move the furniture and boxes from one place to another. Therefore, you’re left with the pre-moving packing and all the other preparations. Though you can ask a family member or two to help, it might not be enough assistance.

A full-service moving company offers something more comprehensive. It will help you with downsizing, provides packing and unpacking services, and will even donate or sell your unwanted items for you.

Pricing and Quote Process

Before a senior move, getting prices and quotes from at least three moving services is important. Some will provide over-the-phone estimates, but others need to see what you have in person.

After your consultation, which is usually free, the mover will estimate the cost. Ensure you discuss any extra perks you might want, such as packing services, assistance with estate sales, etc.

Insurance and Licensure

A reputable moving company will have the appropriate licenses that meet the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) standards. This information should be easily found on the website, but you can also ask if you don’t see it or don’t wish to use the internet.

Quality movers will also have insurance that protects your belongings from loss and damage while transported. If you’re moving to another state, federal law typically requires the company to offer released value or complete value protection. Usually, complete value is better because you’ll get the full replacement value of the lost/damaged item.

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Complaints and Reviews

Most senior moves have no issues, but there could be problems. Many people have had horror stories. The moving companies lowballed the estimates and withheld the customer’s belongings until they paid more. Some will refuse to cover the costs of lost or damaged items.

Though you can take action by filing complaints with the FMCSA, it’s generally better to read online reviews and understand what services you’ll receive during the senior move and moving process beforehand. This will save you the headache of not having your personal items in your new home.

Cancellation Policy and Deposits

Most moving companies require a deposit to reserve the services. This is normal, but the deposit should be a small amount of your estimate. Likewise, make sure it’s refundable if you cancel within the time frame.

Cancellation policies will vary between companies. Some will allow you to cancel the service a few hours before the movers are set to arrive. However, others want a week or two in advance. Make sure you know those details and ask questions before booking the service.

Customer Support

Customer support is crucial when hiring senior moving services. A good company has an established support line to resolve issues and questions. Sometimes, brands use apps to let you track the move each step of the way.

Overall, the best companies will lay out the process for damage claims and complaints and how they might address the issues. If yours doesn’t have a policy about loss or damage, it may not be the highest-quality option.

Why You Need a Senior Move Manager

A senior move manager is someone who specializes in helping older adults with the physical and emotional aspects of a relocation. The term is a service mark owned by The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Therefore, these professionals have taken courses and been screened for experience and insurance.

You don’t have to use a senior move manager for your moving needs. In fact, many seniors will use a traditional moving company that offers additional services, such as packing and unpacking, to make the long-distance move as stress-free as possible.

If you wish to consider a senior move manager, you must visit the NASMM website to find options.

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Can a Senior Moving Company Move Your Things to an Assisted Living Facility?

The best senior moving services are those that will help you move to a new location, regardless of where that is. However, when you call or request a free quote, you should specify that you’re moving to an assisted living facility or a retirement community. A representative might visit the new place first to make sure they can fit their trucks in and understand the layout before moving day.

What Do Senior Moving Companies Offer?

Whether moving to new houses or senior living communities, senior moving companies will generally offer these services:

  • Cleaning services (might cost extra)
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Organizing and helping with downsizing tasks
  • Arranging storage and shipments
  • Transporting the items to be moved to the new home
  • Donating unwanted things or holding them for family members to pick up later for an estate sale

Advantages of Hiring the Best Senior Moving Services

When you work with senior movers in San Antonio, you’ll have a knowledgeable professional who respects your property and home. These people have decades of industry experience and will ensure everything goes well and smoothly.

Likewise, senior movers offer reliability. They are professionals who provide exceptional service. Plus, you’ll likely work with a move coordinator who will guide you through each step of the process.

You’ll find flexible plans that meet your deadlines, needs, and lifestyle. For example, you can request packing services to avoid bending over or lifting heavy things, wrapping them, and putting them in boxes.

Typically, movers also offer storage options. You may need to rent a storage unit because you’re downsizing. Overall, you know you can’t take everything with you, but you don’t know what to keep or get rid of right away.

In some cases, your new home isn’t ready for you to move into, but you must be out of your old one. A moving company with storage facilities will make your life much easier. You’ll have access to secure and well-maintained facilities for the short- or long-term.

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Why Work with Apple Moving

Where do you go when you want the most reliable moving company in San Antonio? Many seniors turn to Apple Moving! We have a team of professional movers who can help with long-distance moves, local moves, storage, packing and unpacking, and much more.

Typically, our hourly rates are less than many of the competitors in the San Antonio region. Therefore, we will help you save money on the total cost of the move.

Working with us will give you affordable and competitive rates. Plus, we’ve had years of experience in the industry and hire efficient and knowledgeable movers. Are you ready to embark on your next life adventure? Hire Apple Moving in San Antonio today and start your move now!

FAQs About Senior Moving Services

Who Are the Best Long-distance Movers for Seniors?

When dealing with long-distance moves, finding moving companies that can assist is crucial. Apple Moving is an excellent solution because it offers short- and long-distance relocation services. Whether you live in San Antonio or plan to move here to be closer to family, you’ll get everything you need for stress-free senior moves.

Where Do Most Old People Move To?

Many older adults move from their current houses to a retirement community or assisted living facility or might move in with their loved ones. Some might even be placed into a nursing home if they’re unable to care for themselves properly anymore.

Is Moving Stressful for Seniors?

Moving is a challenge for anyone. However, senior moving can affect a person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They might be stressed because they have to leave their home and go into an assisted living facility or retirement community. Alternatively, they may need to downsize and be unable to do it themselves.

Hiring relocation services will make all the difference. You can be in your new space without the hassle and headache. Plus, older adults often relax more and focus on the positivity that change can bring.