Boeing Center at Tech Port, now Tech Port, is a modern technology and entertainment centre located in San Antonio, Texas, and opened to the public in 2022. Anthony James Partners, the owner representative, chose SNA Displays to give outdoor and indoor LED video signage for the multipurpose venue and educational hub managed and operated by ASM Global.

Boeing Center at Tech Port has a 60×60 foot LED wall and the most extensive collection of musical Tesla coils along one portion that can be integrated into the sound and lighting design for live music with almost 7.1 surround sound. Moreover, there is also a LAN gaming hub open from Monday to Sunday and interactive technology museum with seven eateries and a bar, open on weekdays. Tech Port is the best destination place of its kind in Texas. Welcoming its doors to the people on the 2nd of May 2022 with The Smashing Pumpkins as the titling act, this 70 million dollar,130,00sq ft facility will remould entertainment with world-class performances, live concerts, sports, esports, conventions and many others. The hub is readily accessible to the city’s area of 2.6 million people and signifies the future of public as well as exclusive events.

The main centre of the 180 sq ft facility is a reconfigurable 3 100-seat gaming hall and Arena, which hosts live entertainment, including live sporting events, robotics competitions, conferences and many more. This Arena comes with a trio of truss-mounted LED screens from the SNA Bold Interior line of a video display system. The main display has a dimension of 19’8’ by 34’ 6’ wide and is bordered by two 13’2’ by 26’3 LED screens. The three displays have a 3.8 mm pixel pitch. Get More Info

Other crucial digital signage in the new hub takes account of the many highly tight-pitch outdoor LED displays and a pair of big, two-sided LED kiosks with 2.9 mm pixel pitch and are considered the tightest pitch LED displays to be found on the market at this point. The 7.4 by 14 outdoor-rated box office LED display has a 3.9mm pitch. What is more, there are many 10mm exterior display, which takes account of an 11’10 by 20 inches screen which wraps around the eastern portion of the building, and over 250 linear feet of LED ribbon hanging along the outdoor façade. The Tech Port processes about 11 million LED canvas pixels. Digital Dreams offered display installation services for this project.

What are the Features?

The Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio is filled with amazing and state-of-the-art features. The Tech Port is a properly established and quickly growing centre of deep, rich talent and technological expertise. This is unique in size, location as well as flexibility.

  • Accessible by train, air and highway
  • Near to key industry sectors
  • Secure offices
  • Big industrial facilities for prototyping and manufacturing


A new place for the city’s Museum of Science and Technology, as well as other cultural and educational entities, a close industry showplace- accessible to all, will emphasise innovations being made at the Tech Port and all over the area.

This place will play a vital role- giving audiences a glimpse into innovations and associated careers in the community. 

This place will also act as a showroom, much like a permanent fair pavilion with rotating exhibits, enabling industry participants to sell their technologies internationally, nationally and even locally. 

The Tech Collaboration Lab is armed with modern and groundbreaking prototyping tools and information technology infrastructure that takes account of notorious accelerator Capital Factory operations, enabling technology companies, researchers, and academia to work side by side and make the next generation of innovations. The area can be configured for users ranging from startups to big tech companies and partnering organizations. 

Technology Arena and Conference Center

A draw for the public, manufacturing, and educators is a modern state-of-the-art technology venue with an anticipated capacity of more than 3,100 guests.

Big video monitors and other tools will give San Antonio its first grand visual showcase. This space can be configured as a conference centre or auditorium to hold big meetings and perform demonstrations, and training programs in virtual and augmented reality, cybersecurity, and other technologies. Also, it will be available at national events, which include Cyber Patriot competitions and local educators, which support the growth of the talents of the next generation of digital professionals. What is more, the Arena will also act as an electronic gaming venue—a recreational place drawing many young people from different places and communities and linking them with the museum as well as collaborative educational parts of the innovation centre. Click Here

Important Information to Remember 

  • Location: 3331 General Hudnell Dr Acc Rd San Antonio, TX 78226
  • Contact Information: 210-600-3699
  • Square Feet: 2, 618
  • Display Count: 9
  • Total Pixels: 11 million
  • WebsiteBoeing Center at Tech Port