Camelot Elementary School

 Camelot Elementary School is a public school at 5311 Merlin Dr, San Antonio, TX 78218. This elementary school has a 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio and 466 enrollees in grades PK-5. 

The school is dedicated to teaching and guiding every child to succeed in their personal and professional careers in the future. They aim to guide their students academically, emotionally, and socially. 

They understand the importance of elementary education, which serves as the first step in the educational journey of every child. So, they support and empower them to succeed, and this is their sole goal. Each member of the campus is a professional in their field and is dedicated to working closely with parents and the community. 

Offers Different Clubs and Organizations for Student Involvement

Camelot Elementary School offers various organizations and clubs, and students can join based on their skills and interests. They can also join a particular club or organization to develop a new skill set. Here are the options:

  • Student House council 
  • Safety patrol 
  • Photography club 
  • Girl start 
  • Gemini ink 
  • Drumline
  • Cheer Club 

Student organizations and clubs are a critical part of this school as they encourage many students to get involved. When students become part of these clubs and organizations, they are more likely to make better grades and succeed in life. 

Camelot Elementary School offers various clubs and extracurricular organizations to all students. The goal here is to help students become involved and realize their best potential. 

Each student who is connected to enrichment opportunities, such as leadership organizations, intramurals, extracurricular activities, etc., makes connections that can increase attendance, academic performance, career opportunities, higher education acceptance as well as military readiness. They can also feel a sense of belonging and grow their circle of friends. 

The after-school programs also involve the kids’ involvement network (KIN). It starts as soon as school dismisses, consisting of socialization and healthy snacks. KIN also provides recreational activities, including group sports, recess, and wellness and health programs.  Check This Article

The program’s primary focus is homework time, which is designed to help students benefit from different learning styles. Every day, enrichment activities are performed to improve every student’s learning. 

Does Camelot Elementary School Participate in Different Events?

Camelot Elementary School

The school participates in annual events and traditions, like Bike Rodeo and Red Ribbon Week.

The Bike Rodeo is dedicated to San Antonio Police Department Safety Patrol Officers. They conduct safety inspections on bicycles for students. And students can compete in different skill competitions. 

The school strongly participates in the nation’s oldest and biggest drug prevention campaign, Red Ribbon Week. This event allows people and different communities to unite and take a stand against drugs. And students have an opportunity to display their commitment to a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. 

Top Services and Programs Offered by Camelot Elementary School 

The school has created many programs and services where students can explore and find the best to suit their unique needs. 

Below are some of the instructional support programs provided by the school:

  • Special Education 
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Dual Language 
  • Dyslexia 

The school offers enrichment programs to all students, including book clubs, coding, sports, music, and more. Besides Music & Physical Education, students can join Visual Art instruction. 

Additionally, Camelot Elementary School promotes the Volunteer Program. The main goal of this program is to bridge between the best interests of the students and the community. It helps the students build self-confidence and gain the necessary academic skills to become successful learners. Also, it helps them reach their fullest potential in the community. See This Web Page

The school department serves as a point of contact for mentors and volunteers. They work with the school and different education support groups to determine the practices and activities that can benefit the students the most. 

Overall, Camelot Elementary School is a place where students can learn, grow, and get involved in the community. Different programs and services are available to support their unique needs. The school allows its students to explore a fun, safe, and supporting environment, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills and experience to be part of a bigger world. They can use the acquired skills and learnings to succeed not just professionally but personally. 

For more information or whether students or parents have concerns, here are the phone numbers to call:

  • Front Desk Receptionist (General school information) 
    • Phone: 210-407-1433
  • Nurse (Medications, immunizations, and health concerns) 
    • Phone: 210-407-1425
  • Counselor (Student assessment information and mental health resources)
    • Phone: 210-407-1433
  • Family Specialist (Parenting classes and family services) 
    • Phone: 210-407-1435
  • Data Processor (Registration, absences, and proof of residence) 
    • Phone: 210-407-1434
  • Assistant Principal (Safety, discipline, and attendance)
    • Phone: 210-407-1400
  • Cafeteria Manager (Account information and dietary restrictions) 
    • Phone: 210-407-1408
  • KIN (After School Care)
    • Phone: 210-407-1411
  • Transportation (Bus Information) 
    • Phone: 210-356-9200

Important Information About Camelot Elementary School 

Business/School Hours: Monday to Friday (7:30 AM to 2:45 PM), Saturday to Sunday (Closed)