East Terrell Hills Elementary School

East Terrell Hills Elementary School is located at 4415 Bloomdale Dr, San Antonio, Texas. This public school has a student population of 595 and serves PK-5. The students scored 38% or above in the level for reading and 39% or above in the proficient level for math. 

The minority student enrollment of the school is 94%, with an 11:1 student-teacher ratio. The student population consists of 49% male students and 51% female students. The school ranked no. 2644 in Texas Elementary Schools and no. 25 in North East Independent School District Elementary Schools. Please note that schools are ranked based on their graduation, state-required test performance, and how well they prepare elementary students for high school. 

Guiding Students Academically, Emotionally, and Socially 

East Terrell Hills Elementary School is dedicated to teaching and guiding the whole child. The school’s goal is to guide every student academically, emotionally, and socially. Visit This Page

The school completely understands the importance of elementary education as every child’s first step in their educational journey. This is why the elementary school supports and empowers the kids to succeed professionally and personally.

Various Programs and Services 

Student organizations and clubs are a critical part of this school as they encourage many students to get involved. When students become part of these clubs and organizations, they are more likely to make better grades and succeed in life. 

East Terrell Hills Elementary School offers all students various clubs and extracurricular organizations. The goal is to help students become involved and realize their best potential. 

Each student who is connected to enrichment opportunities, such as leadership organizations, intramurals, extracurricular activities, etc., makes connections that can increase attendance, academic performance, career opportunities, higher education acceptance as well as military readiness. They can also feel a sense of belonging and grow their circle of friends. 

Students can join and explore different opportunities and options to broaden their knowledge and skills, including:

Safety Patrols 

East Terrell Hills Elementary School

This organization gives every student a chance to be a safety patrol and be a good leader.


This program lets students use computer codes to create music videos, character plays, and games.

Jammin’ Jumpers 

Students who join the Jammin’ Jumpers will learn to do neat tricks while improving their cardio health. 

Fine Arts 

All students have a chance to boost their creativity or discover their skills in arts by joining this program. 

Enrichment Programs 

East Terrell Hills Elementary School offers different afterschool enrichment opportunities to all students, such as book clubs, sports, music, and more. 

Instructional Support 

The elementary school also offers instructional support, such as:

  • Gifted & Talented Education 
  • Special Education 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Dual Language 
  • Dyslexia 

Traditions and Annual Events 

East Terrell Hills Elementary School participates in annual events and traditions, like Bike Rodeo and Red Ribbon Week. Read This Page

The Bike Rodeo is dedicated to San Antonio Police Department Safety Patrol Officers. They conduct safety inspections among students on bicycles. And students can compete in different skill competitions. 

The school strongly participates in the nation’s oldest and biggest drug prevention campaign, Red Ribbon Week. This event allows people and different communities to unite and take a stand against drugs. And students have an opportunity to display their commitment to a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. 

A Community Where Kids Grow and Get Involved

East Terrel Hills Elementary School is an active community where students can learn, grow, and socialize in a safe and fun learning environment. The academic leaders in this ensure that their foundation curriculum helps kids as they progress through performance and grades.

Teachers, counselors, coaches, fine arts educators, and specialists understand the importance of preparation for their talents, gifts, and needs. 

The school’s Kid’s Involvement Network offers after-school enrichment activities. It also involves supervision for students, where they will improve their behavior, grades, and attitudes. As a result, they can become a positive and cooperative member of the community and school. 

This program starts as soon as school dismisses and consists of socialization and healthy snacks. KIN also provides recreational activities, including group sports, recess, and wellness and health programs. 

Additionally, the program’s primary focus is homework time, designed to help students benefit from different learning styles. Every day, enrichment activities are performed to improve every student’s learning. 

For more information or whether students or parents have concerns, here are the phone numbers to call:

Nurse (Medications, immunizations, and health concerns) 

o Phone: 210-407-2803

Counselor (Student assessment information and mental health resources)

o Phone: 210-407-2839

Family Specialist (Parenting classes and family services) 

o Phone: 210-407-2800

Principal (Safety, discipline, and attendance) 

o Phone: 210-407-2800

Assistant Principal (Safety, discipline, and attendance)

o Phone: 210-407-1400

Cafeteria Manager (Account information and dietary restrictions) 

o Phone: 210-407-3800

Important Information About East Terrell Hills Elementary School

  • Address: 4415 Bloomdale, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Phone: +1 210-407-2800
  • Website: neisd.net
  • Business/School Hours: Monday to Friday (7:30 AM to 2:45 PM), Saturday to Sunday (Closed)