Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio

 Joint Base San Antonio is San Antonio-based military facility in Texas under the United States Air Force 502d Air Base Wing, Air Education and Training Command (AETC) jurisdiction. 

The three Mission Support Groups wing performs the support mission installation at the three bases that form the Joint Base San Antonio. The facility is the joint base of Martindale Army Airfield, Lackland Air Force Base, United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base, and United States Army Fort Sam Houston, which merged on October 1, 2010.

A Brief History of Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio

When the Army constructed a garrison found in San Antonio, Texas, Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio was formed.

The US Army started to construct the Quadrangle in 1876 on the land which the city donated. Then, the Army garrison relocated after a few years.

Fort Sam Houston was named after General Sam Houston, the first Republic of Texas president in 1890 and the hero of the San Jacinto battle. It is a unique military installation among the Army posts.

However, this active major military installation plays a critical role in terms of the defense of the nation. It also contains some of the Army installation’s oldest structures. This Hyperlink

Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio is residence to more than 36,000 DOD and active duty civilians. It also consists of approximately 76,000 retirees as well as 48,000 family members. This military installation is also home to the following:

  • Medical Education and Training Campus 
  • Navy Regional Recruiting
  • US Army Medical Center of Excellence 
  • Brooke Army Medical Center Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio
  • Army Regional Health Command Central 
  • Army Medical Department 
  • US Army South 
  • US Army North 
  • 502d Air Base Wing 

Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio graduates more than 16,500 students from the 49 medical programs per year. 

How to Get to Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio

People can get to Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio with public transportation. Transit lines 16 and 647 have routes passing near the base. Visit Site

Entering Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio and the Housing 

To enter the Joint Base San Antonio location, visitors must provide a valid identification form and have a sponsor with a valid DOD identification card. Those who are driving need to have current vehicle registration and insurance. 

Here are ID valid forms for access:

  • Veterans Health Identification 
  • DOD Civilian 
  • Military (active, retiree, reserve, family members, national guard) Contractor Card

As of March 1, 2021, the installation entry control points have returned to normal visitor and entry procedures. 

There must be at least one Department of Defense ID card that will be checked for every vehicle. The Security Forces are allowed to check ID cards at any time.

If personnel have authorized credentials with escort privileges, they can escort non-ID card-holding personnel in a similar vehicle. An escort should maintain control of and remain with visitors at all times while inside the installation. If they will not remain with the visitors at all times, a visitor pass is necessary.

The Joint Base San Antonio staff is available to provide assistance with the local resources and housing options to support the transition to a new community and home. The facility continuously develops processes to accommodate the housing needs of the service members. 

Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio In-Processing 

When people arrive at Joint Base San Antonio, they must make several stops to ensure proper in-process. 

Army Personnel 

The JBSA Fort Sam Houston has no Army reception center. The Army personnel should sign in with the unit S1 that will contact the Joint Personnel Processing Center to schedule a soldier in-processing appointment. 

Navy Personnel 

The Navy personnel should sign in with the assigned comment. The CPPA of the command is responsible for coordinating all in-processing associated with arrangements. 

Air Force Personnel 

After arriving at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio, you need to report to the Commander’s Support Staff to sign in. Then, the schedule of the in-processing appointment schedule is provided, including the date to attend the Newcomers Orientation briefing. 

On-Base Child Care 

Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio has child development centers, supporting the child’s development and acknowledging they can learn through hands-on and active involvement with their caring adults, peers, and environment. 

The military installation respects the unique needs, abilities, experiences, and interests of each child. Their programs are designed to support and respect families’ values, cultures, and ideals in their task to nurture the kids. They also advocate for early childhood professionals, families, and children within their programs. 

Important Information About Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio