Gilbert Garza Park

Gilbert Garza Parks provide local and international guests with a chance to spend quality time taking pleasure in the outdoors, with cool, fresh air and sunshine, and work out in this fantastic park. Take a stroll, take pleasure in the remarkable scenery, and get rid of the stress. 

According to the research, those who spend more time in a park will be ill often, meaning less time missing from work and school, lower healthcare expenses, and improved overall well-being. What is more, it is also fun and uplifting. Invite your friends and loved ones to visit Gilbert Garza Park now. Jump To This Site

Overview of the Gilbert Garza Park

Gilbert Garza Park is considered one of the best and most popular parks in San Antonio, Texas. This park has so many things to offer. A fully shaded or covered play structure offers a spectacular and impressive play area for kids and adults alike to relax and enjoy in the hot and scorching Texas summers. What is more, Gilbert Garza Park also has a Gazebo, a perfect place to relax, hang out with friends as well as eat. The wide playing field takes account of freestanding playground equipment. Freestanding play equipment, such as Tic Tac Toe Panel, Critter Canyon climber, as well as the very popular Lava Run Slide, will be loved and enjoyed by little ones aged two and five for many years to come.



Gilbert Gaza Park History

The Gilbert Garza Park is a 21.5-acre park located in 1450 Mira Vista, initially named Mira Vista. This park was established in 1972 and was soon renamed in honor of the later Mayor Pro Team Gilbert Garza. 

Gilbert Gaza, son of refugees from Monterey, Mexico, was just the 3rd Hispanic voted to Mayor Pro Tem in the history of San Antonio. Garza was a resident of San Antonio and went to Fox Tech High School to finish his study. After working in the United States Navy, he learned drafting and later on was licensed as an architect. Eventually, he established a company with Larry Raba as well as Dan Cerna, and he called it CGR, which was renowned and eminent for his work with HB Zachry Co. Gilbert Garza worked to master the initial modular building scheme in the U.S. This scheme was utilized to erect the very popular Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel as well as the Metropolitan General Hospital. 

Garza didn’t have the plan to enter politics, but in 1971, Good Government League drafted him to run on in a lineup under former mayor John Gatti and luckily, he won via landslide with Doctor F. Ford Nielsen. He was voted Mayor Pro Tem in 1972 and served in the dearth of Mayor Gatti on the 12th of November 1972 when he suffered an attack. After a few days in the hospital, he passed away. During his bereavement, there was an argument that he may lead the City Council slate in 1973 and become the primary modern-day Hispanic Mayor of the city. 


Gilbert was fascinated by long-range planning problems and was active in visualizing the River Comdor Study. He dreamed of setting aside a green area for citizens to use together with the San Antonio River. After his bereavement, this new theme park located on the west portion was named after him for respect and honor. Get More

Key Take Away 

  • Trails: Asphalt Gilbert Garza Park
  • Length of the Trails:0.50 miles 
  • Fitness Stations: Energi total body fitness system by Playworld system. There are 5 stationary pieces for stretching, cardio, resistance training, and balance. 

Alcohol is highly prohibited, and all amenities inside the park are first come, first serve based, with the exception of some amenities for rent. 

What Are the Amenities Available for Rental?3333

There are amenities that are available for rent. You can call the management to learn about facility details or calendar activity. 

  • Multi-Use Field 
  • Softball Field one and two 
  • Swimming Pool 

The swimming pool is always available and provides instructional programs like lifeguard and water safety training, swimming lesson for adults and youth, open swimming, lap swimming, water-based fitness classes, and seasonable youth camps. The staff provides multigenerational programming and is dedicated to drowning prevention via programs that teach lifelong water safety methods. 

Group swimming classes are also provided for kids aged four and above. Classes are intended for beginning and intermediate skill levels. Group swimming classes take account of six lessons provided over two weeks. Times and season dates are available vary and are available on the registration. 

Gilbert Gaza Park is one of the best parks in San Antonio, offering many amenities and facilities for visitors to enjoy. This is a perfect place to relax, unwind as well as bond with family and friends. 

Important Details to Remember 

  • Location: 1450 Mira Vista San Antonio, TX 78228
  • Contact Number210-207-7275
  • Visiting HoursSunday to Saturday: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.