Korean Market

Are you craving some Korean goodies? Do you want to eat Korean fried chicken, bulgogi, or seafood pancake? Not a problem! Even if you are exploring different attractions and trying fun activities in San Antonio, Texas, you can still experience the flavors of Korea. 

As you wander at 6210 Fairdale Dr, Suite 1, San Antonio, TX 78218, make sure to visit the Korean Market. This sizeable market offers frozen seafood, gifts, and delicious snacks with a laid-back vibe. Some of the popular dishes are Fried Chicken, Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Beed Vegetable Soup, and Korean Rice Cake. Next Blog Link

A Quick Overview 

Korean Market sells a variety of Korean dishes for the San Antonio community. They also offer bulk items, frozen seafood, and unique gift. They ate committed to offering great customer service. They want to ensure that the food and other products they offer are satisfying. It is an excellent destination for the whole family or a group of friends who love Korean food and culture. 

Korean Market Menu 

Korean cuisine is famous for its unique flavor, rich aroma, and attractive color. And this is especially popular among kdrama and kpop lovers. 

With agricultural traditions and ancient nomadic origins, Korean cuisine has endured centuries of social and political transformation. Like other Asian countries, rice is a common food item in Korea. Vegetables and meat of various kinds are part of many dishes. Kimhi and rice appear almost in every meal. 

Kimchi is a fermented vegetable side dish. Plenty of types of kimchi are available, and each has its own unique blend of flavors, spices, and veggies. But Korean radishes and napa cabbage are the most frequently used veggies. 

Seafood, fish, poultry, beef, and hog are also popular options in Korean cuisine. But beef is the most valuable meat. 

People who crave Korean dishes while in San Antonio can visit the Korean Market. They can choose from a variety of food options, from appetizers to main courses and desserts.

Here are the popular options:


  • Grilled Mackerel – $11.99
  • Grilled Atka Mackerel – $11.99


  • Beed Fried Rice – $9.99
  • Shrimp Fried Rice – $9.99

Stir Fried 

  • La Kaibi – $19.99
  • Bulgogi – $12.99


  • Pan Fried Dumplings – $5.99
  • Seafood Pancake – $10.00


  • Ginseng Chicken Soup – $14.99
  • Pork Belly – $24.99

Authentic Korean Products in San Antonio, Texas

Korean Market is a great restaurant and a comprehensive Korean store. Everything here is authentic Korean products. While the grocery area is small, the restaurant offers a relaxing space to eat and enjoy delicious food. It also sells a variety of frozen goods, household goods, dishes, snacks, side dishes, and more. 

Many visitors find the food in the restaurant tasty and authentic. The order is made in front of them. They can order quick meals for reasonable costs. To get the food, they need to go to the cash register and choose the food from the menu conveniently located there. Next, they need to pay for what they will eat, take the receipt to the adjacent room and present it to the chef behind the counter. 

Besides mouthwatering and aromatic food, the staff is very friendly. People who are less familiar with Korean products and food can ask for assistance from the staff. And they can expect satisfying service. Navigate To This Link

The small Korean self-service restaurant provides quick service. Every time people visit the restaurant, they can try something new and are never disappointed. 

A Guide to Korean Dining 

Consider the following ideas if you have not yet visited a Korean restaurant:

  • Different plates are served at the table’s center to allow everyone to taste each dish they want.
  • The youngest member of the group is often the one who makes a short speech on occasion.
  • The chopsticks and cutlery are on top of a napkin.
  • The senior member at the table will dine first, and the rest will follow.
  • A barbecue table is tailored-made to grill meats comfortably. 
  • Iced Americanos are an essential drink in the daily life of Koreans.
  • Side dishes like kimchi, pickled veggies, fish cake stir-fry, sauteed tofu, and braised bean sprouts are free of charge.

While you do have to follow all the Korean dining etiquette, at least you have an idea in case you will dine in with your Korean friends. 

San Antonio has plenty of food destinations to offer, but if you want to try Asian flavors, particularly Korean food, do not hesitate to stop by Korean Market. Here, you will enjoy not only sumptuous food but also purchase various Korean products. 

You do not have to travel to Korea just to get Korean items and food; Korean Market gives everyone a unique dining and shopping experience without leaving San Antonio, Texas. 

Important Information About the Korean Market 

  • Address: 6210 Fairdale Dr, Suite 1, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Business Hours: Monday to Saturday (8:30 AM to 7:30 PM), Sunday (1:00 PM to 6:30 PM)