Oakwell TrailHead Park

Do you want to escape from the cityscape? Then, Oakwell TrailHead Park is waiting for you. This is a perfect destination to reset, unwind, and enjoy nature without leaving the city. 

This park is very popular among tourists in San Antonio because of its wonderfully unique attractions and fun activities. The scenic site is only approximately 20 miles from San Antonio, but you can also easily access downtown San Antonio, Children’s hospital, Alamo City, and more. 

Oakwell TrailHead Park offers plenty of fun and exciting things to do, such as hiking, cycling, and water sports. 

A 20-Year-Long San Antonio Historic Trails Project 

When hiking along the San Antonio River, the best place to take is the Oakwell TrailHead Park. This hiking trail is part of San Antonio City’s 20-year-long Historic Trails Project. It is conveniently situated on the San Antonio River’s east side, just west of Main Street. Check Our Site

Oakwell TrailHead Park is open to hikers, adventure lovers, and nature lovers during the spring and fall. All visitors can enjoy the park for 24 hours. 

For the past years, the park has been of the favorite destinations of tourists within San Antonio. Besides offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, it is an incredible venue for gatherings, dinner parties, family days out, and more. 

The views of every trail are one of the most exciting and anticipated aspects of Oakwell TrailHead Park. The magnificent views of the Northwoods and metroplex welcome visitors hiking to the trails’ upper portions. Continue Reading

People who want to get far away from the tourist sites can head to the lower trail. They can also hike on the trails while taking their dogs with them because of the nearby beach. 

Another thing why this trailhead is famous among vacationers, adventurers, or local tourists is that it is easy to get to. There are plenty of where they can stay, such as campgrounds, inns, and hotels. Bikers can bring their bicycles with them. 

The entire area is well-preserved and safe, ensuring visitors are away from any danger during their visit. 

Peaceful, Beautiful, and Dog-Friendly 

Since Oakwell TrailHead Park is open 24 hours, people can have an early run here. 

The park is surrounded by a thick forest, allowing everyone to dive deep into nature. Some people who walk through Salado Creek encounter deer along the way. And kids enjoyed pointing them out. 

People seeking a peaceful and beautiful place will appreciate what this trailhead park can offer. The paved trail is easy to walk that has been cleaned up thoroughly. But make sure to bring plenty of water and bug spray. 

The trails are nice and shady, and they feel cooler during the day, thanks to the surrounding big trees. The park features an interesting statue and really nice water fountains. Visitors can explore the 2.1-mile greenery path that is perfect for biking and hiking. Plus, there are picnic tables. 

Oakwell TrailHead Park

Oakwell TrailHead Park gives people the feeling of being immersed in beautiful, relaxing, and quiet nature but provides all the amenities of the city. Some of these amenities include trash cans along the trail, poop bag stations, and public trailheads. 

As mentioned, there are water fountains that visitors can top off, but there are also dog fountains attached to them. This makes the park dog-friendly. 

One of the advantages of bringing dogs on this trail is that it is an excellent place to train them. Whether the dogs are working on their obedience skills or are nervous or reactive, the greenway is a comfortable and safe space. 

The trail is often considered an easy route, taking an average of 47 minutes to complete. Besides hiking and biking, it is a popular destination for running, bird watching, and picnicking. The lovely well-paved path offers vibrant wildlife and overhanging oak trees. 

When it comes to accessibility, there is a single designated accessible site in the parking space off of Ira Lee Road at the trail’s southern trail. Vans can access this park with striped access aisles. The surface is smooth and paved asphalt. 

Generally, the trail surface is at least 8 feet wide. Most trails are estimated to be gentle grade, so they are ideal for first-time hikers. Strollers, mobility equipment, or wheelchairs can also navigate the trail. 

Here are a few tips for first-time hikers at Oakwell TrailHead Park to enjoy a successful hiking experience:

  • Look for hiking buddies 
  • Research the trails 
  • Ensure to have enough time 
  • Read and understand the local regulations 
  • Check the trial conditions 
  • Get weather forecasts 
  • Dress for the weather conditions 
  • Pack essential kits, such as a first aid kit, sun protection, water, food, etc. 
  • Wear the right footwear

Important Information About Oakwell TrailHead Park

  • Address: 150 Ira Lee Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Phone: +1 210-207-7275
  • Website: sanantonio.gov
  • Park Hours: Monday to Sunday – 24 hours