Moving Your Pool Table

While they are a fun addition to your home’s game room, pool tables are a hassle to move. These huge game tables can weigh over a thousand pounds and are usually too large to fit through doorways or hallways without disassembly. Dismantling isn’t as simple as unscrewing a few nuts and bolts – you must remove the pocket liners, take off the rails, remove the corners and aprons, and peel back the felt. After that, the slate pieces are still cumbersome to maneuver, requiring several men or heavy-duty equipment. After safe transport, you must work with care and precision to reassemble the table properly. Any misstep in the process could cause irreparable damage to the table or your home or injury to yourself and others. While it’s possible to move a pool table on your own, it’s much easier to call in professional help.

With decades of moving experience under our belts, Apple Moving has the knowledge and equipment to move just about anything in your home, including your pool table. You can rely on our know-how to safely and quickly move your pool table to another room in your house or to your new residence, whether that’s in-town or out-of-state.

Pool Table Moving Services

Moving a pool table has three essential stages: disassembly, transport, and installation. Since billiard tables are one of the most difficult household items to move, it helps to have assistance with one or all three of these major steps.


Disassembling a pool table requires a few critical supplies. Removing the hardware requires tools, including a drill with flat-head and Phillip’s head drill bits, a socket wrench, needle-nose pliers, and a staple puller.  Packing up the table, requires moving blankets, movers’ wrap, markers, Ziploc baggies, and a box for hardware. It’s also helpful to have a dolly to transport the large slate pieces. Our crew brings the tools and equipment needed to disassemble your table the right way. We start by removing the liners and rail bolts, then proceed to take off the corner miters and aprons. Then we carefully remove the pocket castings, rails, felt, and finally, the slate pieces and frame. Nuts and bolts are placed in baggies as we go to prevent them from getting lots in the shuffle. Larger pieces, like the aprons, rails, and slate, are wrapped in moving blankets to prevent damage.


Once the pool table is dismantled into its basic elements, it’s loaded onto the moving truck. We position and secure each piece to ensure there’s no movement that could cause damage while in transit. Our experienced drivers deliver the pool table and other household items (if applicable) to your destination, whether it’s another house across town or a new home across the country.

Installation & Set-Up

To ensure your table is playable, it’s essential to accurately and methodically reassemble the table. It’s helpful to start by clearing the room where the table is to be installed. Removing unnecessary clutter will help prevent pieces and parts from getting lost. Then, unpack all the hardware and parts, laying them out, so everything is ready to put back together. Once everything is laid out, reassemble the frame, attach the legs, place the slates, and felt the table. Now you’re ready to shoot some pool!

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Benefits of Hiring an Austin Pool Table Mover

Whether you’re moving just your pool table or your entire household, Austin’s best moving company is here to help! If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of a DIY move versus hiring professional movers, here are some benefits of the latter:

  • Licensed & Insured: Apple Moving is a licensed moving company, with credentials from both the state of Texas and the U.S. DOT. This means, no matter where you’re moving, whether it’s somewhere in Texas or to another state, we can legally transport your goods. We also carry insurance to protect your belongings while they’re in our care.
  • Equipped: We have a fleet of well-maintained trucks and trailers, as well as all the necessary equipment (blankets, dollies, straps, etc.), to ensure your belongings are loaded and transported safely to their destination.
  • Experienced: Apple Moving got its start in Austin, TX in 1991. Today, we also have operations in several other Texas cities, as well as Missouri and Virginia. Over our decades of moving, we’ve amassed extensive knowledge about the moving process and a developed robust skillset. No matter what you’re moving, you can rest assured this isn’t our first rodeo!
  • Local or Long Distance: Whether you’re moving your pool table to a home in another neighborhood across town or to a house on the other side of the country, Apple Moving has the trucks and manpower to get the job done. We perform intrastate and interstate moves, so no relocation is too near or far.
  • Free Moving Quotes: Transparent pricing is important to us. We know that moving gets expensive, so you shouldn’t have to guess how much the final bill will cost. Your move always starts with a free moving quote from one of our helpful sales staff. Knowing your costs upfront helps you plan and budget for your move.

To get started with moving your pool table, or anything else in your home or business, give Apple Moving a call now. Our agents are waiting to help you book your move!

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