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Reasons for Relocation: Why Do People Move? Everything You Should Know

The average American person will move about 11 times within their lifetime. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it. Whether they’ve gotten a new job, are expanding their families and need a larger house, or are facing financial changes, people decide to relocate for many reasons.

Here are the most common reasons people choose to move:

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1. New Job Transfer/Be Closer to Work

Relocating to get a new job is quite common. Some people will move every couple of years because of job market trends, promotions to new positions, and better opportunities. Likewise, homeowners now have more flexibility because they can work remotely or find freelance opportunities.

Typically, people with on-site roles will move to reduce their commute times and other expenses, including tolls, fuel, car maintenance, and more.

2. Need More Storage Space

Americans tend to own more things than people in other countries. Though donating, selling, decluttering, and discarding unwanted and unused items is more popular, people often move to gain more storage space. Have you ever complained that your closets were too small or wished you had more room in the bathroom for your items?

Older homes are prone to limited storage space. Houses built in the 1800s and 1900s didn’t have bedroom closets because people simply didn’t need them.

Likewise, people often need more space when they change their marital status or have a baby. For example, a one-bedroom or studio apartment might not be big enough if you recently got married. When you become parents, you’ll also require more room to grow and live.

3. Prefer a Bigger Yard for Their Own Household

City living does offer perks, but most people miss the lack of yard area. You might have a balcony or patio, but when summer hits, you want more space to enjoy yourself.

You can do many things in a bigger yard, such as growing flowers or vegetables, inviting people for picnics and games, and installing a pool.

Those with pets and children might prefer large and fenced-in areas. Everyone can run and play outside without fear.

4. Must Downsize More than the Average Person

People often find that things change as they get older. A studio or small one-bedroom apartment might have been enough for a single person. You might have chosen a four-bedroom house when you met a partner and started raising children. However, once your kids leave the nest, you may have unused space, and a new location is again in order.

Downsizing offers many benefits. You might have lower monthly payments or a smaller mortgage. Likewise, it’s easier to maintain a smaller house because you’ll require less maintenance and cleaning.

Those who downsize might also be able to afford a better neighborhood and more amenities compared to people in a bigger house.

Typically, downsizing is associated with retirees and empty-nesters, but your age doesn’t matter. Focus on your lifestyle and habits and decide accordingly.

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5. Prefer a More Appealing Climate

A new city could be the ticket if you’re tired of seeing snow in the wintertime. Many people prefer the summer heat to last longer so that they can enjoy more barbecues and outside activities.

6. Housing-related Reasons

Housing reasons for moving can include:

  • Wanting a better or new home
  • Needing cheaper housing
  • Wanting to own instead of rent

Likewise, you might consider the cost of living in certain areas, which are likely less expensive than where you live now.

7. Want a Specific School District

Moving to a new school district is one common reason for a family to relocate. Typically, if you’re buying a starter home, this isn’t a deciding factor. However, your relationships and lifestyles will change, making education more important. It might be easier to drop off and pick up kids if you’re closer to the school.

8. Want to Buy Instead of Rent

Many people choose to move because they currently rent and want to buy their dream house. This is a great choice when you wish to set your roots in a particular area or community. However, other benefits will include personalizing your space, stability, and freedom to make additions, upgrades, and improvements.

Sometimes, buying can assist with long-term savings because you’ll get tax benefits or rebates. You’ll also have more equity and might save money through fixed-rate loans.

9. Have Financial Issues

Sometimes, the move is facilitated because of excessive debt, unforeseen expenses, job loss, and other challenges. You might want to sell the house instead of falling behind on your mortgage payments and risking foreclosure.

Typically, you’ll choose a place with a lower living cost than you have now. This will help you save money in the long term.

10. Want More Amenities

Amenities can include many things and differ based on your needs or preferences. For example, you might focus more on parks, public transportation, or shopping centers within walking distance of your dwelling.

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11. Change of Scenery

Sometimes, people don’t want to change the house; they focus on the location. For example, if you don’t enjoy shoveling snow in winter, you might choose Texas because of the warmth.

Overall, a different neighborhood can be highly beneficial and get you closer to the beaches, parks, boutiques, and highways.

12. Be Closer to Family and Friends

Some Americans move closer to being with their siblings, grandparents, and parents. It happened primarily during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that shift is continuing.

There are many family reasons to consider moving. For example, an elderly loved one might want to be close to their adult children so that they can see the grandkids. Others might go back home to get childcare help from friends and family. Having a support system like that can give you peace of mind.

Where to Turn for Assistance with Moving

Whether searching for a new location because of a job or becoming a homebuyer for the first time, it’s crucial to work with a professional moving company. Movers will help you deal with the hassles of moving while enjoying the excitement of the change.

Apple Moving is an excellent choice. Understanding why people move can be helpful, but we don’t judge here. Regardless of your needs, we can help you be comfortable in your new home. Start your moving journey with our moving company today by requesting a free quote.

FAQs About Why People Move

Why Do People Move from One Place to Another?

People can move for various reasons. These include:

  • Less traffic for their work commute
  • Better neighborhoods
  • Buying a starter home
  • Getting a fresh start
  • Downsizing as empty nesters
  • Can’t afford the current home (or other housing reasons)
  • New life events (marriage, becoming parents, and other family reasons)
  • New employment/job
  • Need more space

What Age Group Moves the Most?

People tend to move less often as they get older. Therefore, young adults move the most. These people are generally between 20 and 29 years old. Once they reach 30, they prefer to search for their forever home.

Why Do People Move from State to State?

People move between states for these common reasons:

  • New Job – People often move to find work, and they might get better options if they’re in a big city.
  • College/Education – Education is another reason people move to a new state. They might be moving away from home for the first time or transferring to a different/better university.
  • Retirement – Many aging populations will shift to a warmer climate during their golden years, and Texas is one of many states. There could be a lower cost of living, better weather, and more access to healthcare.
  • Access to More Amenities – Every state/city offers different things. Access to healthcare, good schools, better tax rates, and a better neighborhood are all reasons.
  • Change of Pace – Some people don’t have financial or personal reasons. They may simply want to travel.