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How to Pack Dishes and China for Moving and Storage

Moving is exciting – you get to set up a brand-new home, live in a new neighborhood or city, and start over. However, the process of moving can be a headache, with packing at its center. Here’s how to pack your best dishware so it makes the trip safely, or so that you can put it in storage until you’re ready to use it.

1. Wrap Dishware Correctly

One of the most critical steps for proper packing is ensuring each piece is wrapped in packing paper. We recommend purchasing packing paper rather than using newspaper, as the ink from the print could stain your china.

Plates & Bowls

Always wrap plates and bowls individually before packing them. Then, bundle four plates together and then wrap them up again. For bowls, you can group two or three before wrapping a second time.

Mugs, Glasses, & Stemware

Mugs and glasses should be wrapped individually, even if you could technically stack them inside one another. For stemware, first stuff the bowl of the wineglass with tissue or packing paper, then carefully wrap the entire glass.

Dishes with Lids

When it comes to dishware with lids, like sugar bowls and teapots, wrap each part individually and then bundle them together and wrap them again.

2. Use Sturdy Dish Barrels & Glass Packing Boxes

If you’ve never moved your dishware before, you may not know that dish boxes exist. These specialty boxes use sturdy, double-walled construction specifically meant for fragile items like china and glassware. If you have extra dish packs left over, you can use them to pack your small collectible items.

3. Pad and Pack the Boxes

Even though you will wrap your dishes before adding them to the dish pack, you should still line the dish pack with crumpled paper. Then, add the most substantial items to the bottom of the dish pack. For example, the first things you should add to the dish packs are your large platters and serving dishes.

Place plates and bowls on their sides. Larger bowls should be placed close to the bottom and can be packed upside down to create another base layer. Then, add your smaller plates and bowls, working your way up to the top of the dish pack with smaller and smaller items as you go.

We recommend using separate boxes for stemware to keep these delicate pieces from getting crushed by heavy-duty dishware. You can purchase a dish pack with cardboard inserts to keep the wine glasses from getting jostled around during transport.

4. Stick a Label on It

You should always label your moving boxes with their destination at the new home. This step reduces confusion on moving day and makes unpacking more efficient. As you tag your china boxes, be sure to add a “FRAGILE” sticker, so movers know to take special care of these items.

Final Tips

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of cushioning around your dishware. Since wrapping supplies can get expensive during moving, save your newspapers for a few weeks and crumple the paper to provide extra protection for your dishes. There shouldn’t be any unused space around your items – if you see any empty spaces, fill them with crumpled paper or packing peanuts so that the dishware doesn’t shift during transit.

Following these steps should help ensure your dishes arrive safe and sound at your new place. For home and apartment moving services, call Apple Moving, your local Austin Texas moving company. We’ve provided services like packing, storage, and interstate moves to the Austin area since 1991. Let us know how we can help with your upcoming move!

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