Harry B Orem StadiumSports have always been an integral part of American culture, and the craze for it continues to grow with each passing day. From basketball and football to baseball and soccer, Americans love their sports. And when it comes to stadiums, there are few places in the world that can match the grandeur and magnificence of Harry B Orem Stadium. Located in the heart of Broadway, San Antonio, the stadium is a cornerstone of the city’s sports culture. It has been the home of many iconic sports events, and its rich history is a testament to its significance in the world of sports.

Brief History

Harry B Orem Stadium was named after Harry B Orem, a former San Antonio school superintendent who played a vital role in the development of the city’s public schools. The stadium has served as a home field for many local high school football teams, and it has also hosted numerous college and professional sporting events over the years. Despite undergoing several renovations and upgrades, Harry B Orem Stadium retains much of its original charm and character, making it a beloved landmark in the San Antonio community. Pop over to this site

How to Get to Harry B Orem Stadium

  • Start by heading south on I-95
  • Take exit 2A onto NC-751
  • At the third traffic light, turn left onto Barbee Rd
  • Continue on Barbee Rd for 1.3 miles
  • Turn right onto Stadium Dr to arrive at Harry B Orem Stadium

Overview Of The Stadium’s Main Features and Attractions

The Harry B Orem Stadium, located in Broadway, San Antonio, United States, is a premier sports arena that has been the home of many memorable events. With a seating capacity of over 11,000 people, it is the perfect venue for football, soccer, and other athletic events. The stadium boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a scoreboard, sound system, and locker rooms. The Harry B Orem Stadium is also equipped with a top-notch lighting system that ensures a high-quality viewing experience for spectators. In addition to sports events, the stadium also hosts concerts and other cultural events, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Its location in the heart of San Antonio adds to its appeal, and visitors can easily access nearby attractions and amenities. Find out here now

Description of The Seating Arrangements

  • The stadium offers seating for up to 65,000 attendees
  • All seating is located on the stadium’s main level
  • Seating is divided into four sections: Premier, Field, Upper, and Lower
  • Seats are equipped with cup-holders and armrests for maximum comfort
  • Accessible seating is available for those with special needs.

Harry B Orem StadiumAccessibility Information for Visitors

As visitors to Harry B Orem Stadium in San Antonio, United States, it is important to be aware of the accessibility information available to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are accessibility tips to keep in mind:

  • Wheelchair-accessible seating and parking are available on both sides of the stadium.
  • Accessible restrooms are located on the main level of the stadium.
  • Elevators are available for those who need assistance getting to the upper levels. 4) Sign language interpretation is available upon request.
  • Service animals are welcome in the stadium. 6) Braille and large print materials are available upon request.
  • Assistive listening devices are available in the press box. 8) Accessible concessions and merchandise stands are located throughout the stadium.
  • Accessible drop-off and pick-up points are located near the stadium entrance.

Upcoming Events at Harry B Orem Stadium

The Harry B Orem Stadium in Broadway, San Antonio, United States, is set to host a range of exciting upcoming events. Sports enthusiasts can look forward to thrilling matches featuring some of the best local teams, including football and baseball games. The stadium is also a popular venue for high school and college sporting events, providing a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and compete against their peers. In addition to sporting events, the stadium will also host a variety of community events, including concerts and festivals, offering something for everyone. With its state-of-the-art facilities and prime location, the Harry B Orem Stadium is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a memorable experience.

Details on How to Purchase Tickets for Events at The Stadium

To purchase tickets for events at Harry B Orem Stadium in Broadway, San Antonio, United States, there are a few important details to keep in mind. Firstly, tickets can be purchased online through the stadium’s official website or through authorized ticketing websites. It is important to ensure that the website is legitimate and authorized to avoid any fraudulent activities. Additionally, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid last-minute rush and potential sellouts. The stadium also offers various seating options, including general admission and VIP seats, with varying prices. Lastly, it is advised to check the event schedule beforehand and arrive early on the day of the event to avoid any delays or inconveniences.

Important Information About Harry B Orem Stadium

  • Operating Hours: N/A
  • Address: Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States
  • Website: http://ahhs.ahisd.net/ 
  • Phone Number: N/A