Kindred Hospital San Antonio CentralA healthcare center with a focus on offering long-term acute care to patients with complicated medical requirements is Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central. This hospital, which is situated in San Antonio, Texas, is devoted to caring for patients who need prolonged inpatient care as a result of catastrophic illnesses or accidents. A group of highly qualified medical specialists at Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central collaborates to offer patients with complex medical demands complete care. Kindred Hospital, San Antonio Central, provides a wide range of services that are tailored to meet the particular needs of each patient, from critical care to rehabilitation. Additional info


A Brief History


Kindred Hospital, San Antonio Central, has a long history of offering patients top-notch medical treatment. Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital, the facility’s original name, served patients with a variety of physical and neurological disorders when it initially opened its doors in 1978. After being purchased by Kindred Healthcare in 1997, the institution was renamed Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central. Since then, the hospital has added long-term acute care, rehabilitation services, and acute care for patients with medical complexity to its list of offerings. Interesting Read


Getting to the Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central


Getting to the Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central is an easy and convenient process. Located in San Antonio, TX, the hospital is easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation. For those traveling by car, the hospital is conveniently located just off the I-10 highway. Additionally, the hospital provides ample parking for patients and visitors. For patients and visitors who prefer public transportation, the hospital is also accessible by bus. The VIA Metropolitan Transit bus system has several routes that stop nearby the hospital, making it easily accessible for those without access to a car.


Services and Treatments Offered


Kindred Hospital, San Antonio Central, offers a wide range of services and treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient. These include:


  • Cardiac Care

The hospital has a specialized Cardiac Unit that provides comprehensive cardiac care to patients with various heart conditions. The team of experienced cardiac specialists uses the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and treat conditions such as heart attack, arrhythmia, heart failure, and other cardiac diseases.


  • Diagnostic and Imaging Services  

The hospital has a full-service laboratory that provides a comprehensive range of testing services, including blood chemistry analysis, hematology, microbiology, and pathology. The laboratory is staffed by certified medical technologists who work closely with physicians to ensure timely and accurate test results.


  • Emergency Services 

The hospital’s emergency department is staffed by experienced and highly trained healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to patients. 


  • Surgical Services 

The hospital provides a full range of surgical procedures for both inpatient and outpatient care. The surgical team is composed of experienced physicians and skilled staff who are committed to delivering the highest quality of care to patients.


  • Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

They offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy designed to improve mobility, strength, and speech abilities. The therapy team creates personalized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each patient, with the goal of helping them regain independence and return to their normal activities.


Kindred Hospital San Antonio CentralFacilities and Amenities


Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that offers a wide range of medical services to patients in need. The hospital is equipped with modern amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of patients of all ages and medical conditions. Here are some of the facilities and amenities that patients can expect at Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central.


  • Patient rooms

The hospital features private and semi-private patient rooms that are designed to provide comfort and privacy to patients during their stay.


  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The ICU is equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly qualified medical professionals to provide critical care to patients who require close monitoring.


  • Operating rooms

The hospital’s operating rooms are designed to provide a sterile and safe environment for surgical procedures, and the hospital’s medical staff is highly trained in the latest surgical techniques. Patients can trust that they are in good hands during their surgeries at Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central.


  • On-Site Pharmacy

The pharmacy at Kindred Hospital, San Antonio Central, is staffed with experienced pharmacists who work closely with physicians and nurses to ensure that patients receive the right medications at the right time.


Awards & Accreditations


Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central is a renowned healthcare provider in San Antonio, TX, offering a wide range of medical services to its patients. The hospital has been recognized for its commitment to providing high-quality care and has received numerous awards and accreditations over the years.


  • Joint Commission Accreditation for Heart Failure and Pneumonia
  • Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Award for Stroke Care
  • The American Heart Association’s Get with The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award
  • The American College of Cardiology’s NCDR ACTION Registry®-GWTG™ Platinum Performance Achievement Award for Heart Attack Care
  • The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses’ Beacon Award for Excellence in intensive care Unit


Important Information About Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central

  • Address: 111 Dallas St 4th floor building c, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
  • Phone: +12102977195
  • Website:
  • Hospital Hours: Monday- Sunday- Open 24 Hours