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Tips for Packing Artwork and Paintings for Moving or Storage

When you are getting ready to move, packing is hard work. Depending how large your home is, boxing everything can also take a great deal of time. While getting your closet and kitchen packed takes long enough, the moving process could present extra challenges when moving valuable artwork and antiques. When you are dealing with delicate items, an added level of caution is necessary to ensure that everything reaches its destination in optimal condition. Here are some helpful strategies for packing your artwork and antiques before relocating.

1. Create an Inventory

One of the first things you should consider is creating an inventory of all the valuable artwork and paintings that you have. You can then decide on if you should pack the items yourself or hire a professional moving company. If your inventory consists of large and delicate or expensive pieces, it may be a good idea to have movers and packers Austin assist with packaging and transporting those items. You may also want to consider having the larger valuable items appraised and insured before moving.

2. Purchase the Proper Supplies

It is essential to have the proper supplies on hand to package your artwork. The type of supplies you need depends mostly on the size and nature of the item. For example, if you have large prints with glass frames, you will need special boxes and packaging that will protect those items from damage. Corner protectors will also have to be purchased to avoid any chipping during the moving process. If you own any sculptures, bubble wrap and packaging peanuts may offer additional protection to protect these works from damage.

3. Protect Framed Pieces

When packaging frames with glass, it is necessary to keep the glass from breaking. One way of doing this is to place two strips of masking tape or painter’s tape over the glass, stretching from corner to corner. This step prevents the glass from shattering and gouging the artwork if it gets broken. Once you tape the picture, then place protectors around its corners and wrap in a layer or two of packaging paper. You may want to add extra reinforcement by sandwiching the piece between two pieces of cardboard. Then, wrap in bubble wrap and place each frame carefully in a box.

4. Protect the Paint on Unframed Art

If there isn’t a layer of glass covering the art, extra precaution is needed to protect the canvas. It is important to remember that the plastic in bubble wrap can react and stick to the paint, especially if stored for a prolonged period. Art shipping experts recommend protecting the painting with a layer of glassine, a transparent, acid-free paper. Place the art face down on a piece of glassine, then secure using artist tape. Wrap the art in a layer of bubble wrap, then box and seal.

5. Use the Correct Box

Make sure that the items are packed in an appropriate size box to avoid unnecessary shifting. If there are any extra spaces within the moving box, you may want to consider stuffing those areas with additional bubble wrap.

6. Label Each Box

Once you have completed the wrapping process, make sure to label each box with its contents and a “fragile” sticker. When you are moving several boxes or an entire household of goods, you may forget which boxes contain your fragile artwork without the correct labels.

7. Store in a Safe Place

If you’re moving your art into a storage facility, make sure you select a climate-controlled unit to prevent the growth of mildew, mold, or other damage to your paintings from heat and humidity fluctuations. Some storage facilities may even offer a dehumidifier to keep the unit at the desired humidity level (40-50% is ideal).

If you plan to store your art long-term, make sure that the materials you use to wrap and box your paintings are breathable. For example, you may want to cover each item in tissue paper or cloth, rather than bubble wrap, to keep moisture from getting trapped on the surface of the art.

Whether you’re moving your art to a new home or into a storage unit, these tips will help keep your artwork protected during transit. Of course, you may still want to hire an Austin moving service to professionally wrap and box these fragile items for you. Apple Moving offers packing and crating services for art, antiques, and any other items that you might need to box for your move. Contact us today for a free quote!

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